Do Planned Parenthood and “comprehensive” sex ed programs teach this?

See New study finds that teens who lose their virginity are more likely to divorce.  Read the stats at the link.  It is quite compelling.  Somehow I doubt that the answer to the title question is “yes.”  So you better tell your kids, and kids, you should tell your friends.

Divorce is very costly, very painful and very avoidable.  Out-of-wedlock sex also leads to more divorce, diseases, unplanned pregnancies and abortions.  If groups like Planned Parenthood, public schools, false religious teachers and the media really had your long-term best interests at heart they would put this on the front page for weeks.  But that isn’t their agenda.  They are too busy telling kids not to have sex until they are ready — which, shockingly enough, is right about the time they really want to have sex!

From the commentary there (emphasis added):

This dovetails nicely with the previous studies that Mysterious C sent me that showed that, for men and women, the more sexual partners you have before marriage, the more unstable your marriage will be. See the related posts for more. If you’re still a virgin, like me, (and I’m in my mid-thirties now, and I’m saving my first kiss for my engagement), then there is nothing wrong with you. If you want a stable marriage, then you don’t have sex before you’re married. There are tons of virgins out there, and there is a huge difference in the quality of romantic relationships when both parties exercise self-control with physical touching.

7 thoughts on “Do Planned Parenthood and “comprehensive” sex ed programs teach this?”

  1. And many people do NOT understand the real cost of divorce, another thing you don’t see discussed in school or on TV. They think they can simply walk away from a marriage when things aren’t what they expect. The truth is, marriage is often for life, even after divorce.


  2. The truth is, marriage is often for life, even after divorce.

    I’ve never heard it put so succinctly before. Now, I’ve often pointed out to overly eager boyfriends that sex can be for life, and that people end up in each other’s lives for forty or fifty years because the condom broke in college, but no one wants to listen to that. Perhaps no one listens because they’ve never heard anything like it before – they are told that these things are temporary.

    Having been in relationships in which men pressured me, and in relationships in which physical intimacy was taken off the table, I’m here to tell you, as a crazy feminist woman, that the latter are much, much better. You’re able to get to know each other, work with each other, learn from each other, and watch the relationship develop. Contrariwise, almost every couple I know that got physically intimate within a week or two (or on the first date) is either broken up or divorced.


    1. I’m so glad there are women like Roxanne out there. I feel badly that our culture is so warped and has declined drastically in just a couple decades.

      It is both biblical (“one flesh”) and scientific (oxytocin) that people bond with those they have sex with.


      1. Awww, thank you. Glad all of that, um, hard stuff I went through “back in the day” can help other young women. As I was explaining to someone, I was basically told that I was crazy and repressed for exercising basic common sense. Yeesh.

        As for bonding: I’m forever just going to think that you would have to be *mental* to risk conceiving a child with someone who isn’t going to be around for the rest of your joint lives.


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