Yea for sanity!

See New Hampshire lawmakers pass abortion parental notification bill over veto.

How hopeful is this? The New Hampshire legislature yesterday overrode Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a bill that requires abortionists to notify parents of minors 48 hours before conducting the procedure, The New York Times reports:

The House overrode the veto by a 266-102 vote; the Senate vote was 17-7. “Granite Staters believe in more parental involvement, not less,” the House speaker, William O’Brien, said in a statement.

Seems to me stakeholder “notification,” whether in personal, financial or political matters, is pretty commonly recognized as both polite and important. And don’t parents have a high stake in the health and well-being of their children (not to mention their grandchildren)? Obviously, 266 New Hampshire house members and 17 state senators think so. The legislatures of thirty-six other states thought so, too: New Hampshire becomes the 37th state to enact such a law.

What is amazing is that anyone could vote against parental notification laws.  Some oppose it because it could be due to rape or incest or because the parents might harm the child, but those are all lousy excuses.

If the parents are abusive, report it to the authorities. But don’t take the girl to kill her unborn child.   And keep in mind that the logic that “they might get abused” is never used to say that parents shouldn’t be notified of their child’s grades, bad behavior, arrests, etc.

If it was a case of rape, then go to the police! Why on earth wouldn’t the parents be notified if their child was raped?  Just because Planned Parenthood and the like hide rape doesn’t mean that schools should.

If the incest was by a father or step-father, then go to the police! In those cases incest is just a different way of saying rape.

Students literally can’t take a single Advil in most schools with the parents bringing an original bottle and a note to the school, yet the abortion lobby thinks the same kids should be able to have a risky surgery that kills an innocent human being without the parents being told.

2 thoughts on “Yea for sanity!”

  1. On a very pragmatic level, abortions are risky, both emotionally and physically. Parents need to know when their children are having surgery so that they can address any complications that happen and take care of their recuperating child.

    if the child is under the age of consent, parents also need to be advocates for their children in prosecuting these crimes and keeping their daughters away from the men who would exploit them.

    The “incest!!” thing is a huge red herring. If they were really worried about incest, the pro-aborts would ask for language that gives counseling and help to girls who are pregnant by their family members. They would also point out that it’s more often the step-fathers or unrelated uncles who do this, not the biological fathers.


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