First, a definition of dhimmitude:

the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word “dhimmitude” as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye’or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule.

Now, see this news item: Algerian Government Launches Attack on Churches –Ordered All to Close Permanently.

Seven Algerian churches face closure this week after the governor of their province sent them written notice that they were operating “illegally.”

The notice on Sunday (May 22) from Police Chief Ben Salma, citing a May 8 decree from the Bejaia Province governor, also states that all churches “in all parts of the country” will be closed for lack of compliance with registration regulations, but Christian leaders dismissed this assertion as the provincial official does not have nationwide authority.

“All buildings permanently designated for or in the process of being designated for the practice of religious worship other than Muslim will be permanently closed down in all parts of the country, as well as those not having received the conformity authorization from the National Commission,” Salma stated in the notice.


A sociologist representing a European security organization says that the number of Christians killed each year for their faith is so high that it calculates to one martyr’s life being taken every five minutes. . . Introvigne reported that Christians killed every year for their faith number 105,000, and that number includes only those put to death simply because they are Christians. It does not count the victims of civil or international wars.

So what do theologically Liberal Christians in the U.S. do, where people actually have freedom of religion and where Islam actually increased in acceptance since 9/11?  Why, they begin a campaign to Promote Islamic Propaganda in Churches.

The interfaith group “Faith Shared” has big news! They are planning a simultaneous nation wide display of casting aside the shackles of Christianity and embracing “Chrislam”. Otherwise known as Christian dhimmitude. This travesty that will be occurring in Christian churches across the country on June 26, is nothing less than an open invitation to be devoured by the beast that is Islam.

Then, of course, there is false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie shrieking, “Oh, the humanity,” that someone might want to ensure we aware of the radical elements of Islam.  Then again, the “reverend” insists that we have as much to learn from Islam as they do from us– as if other religions had anything to teach us about Jesus that isn’t in the Bible.  He is a poster “dhimmi,” bowing down to Islam because he is afraid to criticize it.

If your church reads the Koran without pointing out why it is wrong, then it isn’t a real church.

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