“I’m from Australia and I’d really like some insight into why there is this visceral hatred of Palin from left liberals – it’s complete bizarre”

The title of this post was a comment left on someone else’s Facebook post on Sarah Palin.  Here’s one response I liked:

As one female caller to a talk radio show said the other day, “She is smart, she is athletic, she loves the outdoors, she hunts, she fishes, she raises kids, she is on TV, she has been a governor of a state, she writes books, she blogs, AND she is pretty. What’s not to hate?”

Here was my answer:
‎90% of people abort Down Syndrome children, but she gave birth to hers. Her pro-life position makes Liberals absolutely hate her. You could agree with radical feminists on literally every issue possible except unrestricted abortion and they will hate you with a passion. Seriously.
On a different Palin post on my FB page, someone noted this:
 SP [Sarah Palin] is a stupid moron.
How eloquent, and how right off the the mainstream media script.
Update: Turns out she writes like most CEOS, and better than the expert who was hoping she’d come off as illiterate.

5 thoughts on ““I’m from Australia and I’d really like some insight into why there is this visceral hatred of Palin from left liberals – it’s complete bizarre””

  1. As I just now posted on my Facebook status; After 24,000 Palin e-mails have been studiously scrutinized, and found nothing negative, It surely must be a dark day in Liberal land.

    I am laughing at the Liberals. What boobs!


  2. The short answer is that she’s not a feminist in the liberal definition of the term. That’s all that necessary to provoke vitriol from the left. Worse, she’s conservative and HOT!. That just cannot be. They like to refer to her as a moron, but that’s like a qualification of being a lefty. You have to say such things about conservatives/Republicans and no need exists to compel them to prove it. It’s enough to simply say it. Yet, when confronted on her comments about the original tea party, they found she knew more about when the event occurred than they did. They found she knew more about Paul Revere than they did. They still can’t figure out that “death panels” is shorthand for the implications of Obamacare policy and they don’t even understand the circumstances that led to her abdicating her governorship. Lefties are superficial and hateful, and their attitude about Palin is a stark example.


  3. Well, if “Sarah Palin is a stupid moron” I would say the world will never be the same if we find an intelligent one. Don’t think the author of that comment is in the running though.


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