What is your retirement plan?

No, not your financial plan (Though I hope you are saving regularly via a 401k or some other mechanism.  Do not count on Social Security!).  I’m asking about your plans for your post-retirement activities.

Self-indulgence would get old very quickly.  The Bible doesn’t speak of retirement.  God numbers our days and we never know what might happen health-wise, but there is plenty we can influence with our habits. Of course I hope to spend time with family, enjoying hobbies and doing a little traveling.  But my larger goals are to continue to teach, study, serve, etc. as long as I can.  I try to keep myself in great shape so I can be energetic and stay on the giving end of the service spectrum as long as possible.  God willing, I’ll still be doing prison ministry, mission trips, teaching, and more for a few decades.

John Piper made some excellent points in What Happens When You Turn 65, including a laundry list of people who did amazing things after the age of 65.  His closing thoughts:

Dependant Till the End

And don’t forget, if you are running this marathon with Jesus, you have a great advantage. God has promised you: “Even to your old age I am he, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save” (Isaiah 46:4). Nothing to be ashamed of here. We’ve been dangling in the yoke of Jesus ever since he called us. At out peak, we were totally dependent. So it will be to the end.

So, all you Boomers just breaking into Medicare, gird up your loins, pick up your cane, head for the gym, and get fit for the last lap. Fix your eyes on the Face at the finish line. There will plenty of time for R and R in the Resurrection. For now, there is happy work to be done.

What are your plans?  I hope you are aiming at a strong finish!

Hat tip: Randy Alcorn

7 thoughts on “What is your retirement plan?”

  1. Given that I’m just starting out in my career, I’m not worried about the (non-financial) aspects of retirement yet. (I must say, though, a President Bachmann and Vice President Cain, or maybe Ryan, would do a lot to alleviate my worries about the financial side of it!)

    A lot of people, especially men, fall into a funk when they retire, for lack of a purpose. Doesn’t sound like fun.

    The vague plan I have is to keep working until I drop. It doesn’t take much energy to write a will or close a real estate transaction, so I can keep doing that in perpetuity, right?


  2. I was forced to retire because when I turned 56 the law said I could no longer be an Air Traffic Controller. Six weeks later I was hired by Raytheon to be a contract instructor for air traffic controllers, and I built a training program for the tower where I worked, conducted all classroom training and radar simulator training for new people, and did all the proficiency training for the certified controllers. After 18 months I got laid off in Feb 2010. Now I spend a lot of time with my apologetics and other ministries, lots of time playing the bagpipes (including with a band), lots of time doing things with my wife, trying to keep the weeds out of the garden, etc.

    Any guy who falls into a funk after retirement is, in my opinion, just a lazy bum! I am so busy now I don’t know how I had time for work!!!


  3. Neil, I like your retirement plan. You are one of the few christians that I know that actually try to follow Christ every day. You are my hero. Now if only you were a democrat….


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