Not mmmmm . . . Frog Soup

When I was in Taipei, Taiwan on business years ago, we were served Frog Fat Soup (among several other things that I still suspect were part of an elaborate practical joke, but that’s another topic).  Apparently it is a delicacy made with the fat of frogs from a cold climate.  I’m a somewhat picky eater, but when traveling internationally I try to be a good sport and sample the local cuisine.  Let’s just say that one spoonful was plenty for me.

That reminds me of a different kind of Frog Soup: A metaphor a friend and I use to describe our culture.  It is based on the popular example about how frogs will jump out of hot water if you toss them in it, but if you put them in cold water and slowly turn it up they’ll stay in it until they die.  Just like with the frogs, our culture has slowly deteriorated to where it accepts all kinds of things that would have landed people in jail just a few decades ago.

Hence, this culture is a massive bowl of Frog Soup.  We’re drowning in it.  I’m not referring to the random freaks we see but the mainstreaming of perversions.

We permit the legal destruction of 3,000+ unwanted human beings each day because they get in the way of the myth of sex-without-consequences.

As I predicted earlier in the last decade, schools are beginning to teach kids as young as 5 how “normal” homosexual, bisexual and transgender behaviors are.  Too many people fail to ask why the government has a mandate to teach such things.  They’ll try to say that parents may not teach it at home (good for those parents!), but they can’t explain why anyone should teach it.

If you oppose the oxymoron that is “same-sex marriage,” you are considered a hater.

We do nothing about the massive amounts of pornography in our culture.

We not only tolerate but fund organizations like Planned Parenthood that, in addition to being the top destroyer of human life in the country, systematically hide statutory rape and sex trafficking (when not teaching your kids to ignore the perspectives on human sexuality that you and your religion hold).

Planned Parenthood even has their tentacles in the Girl Scouts organization.  (Hat tip: An Un-civil War)

Check out Glenn’s Sanity in an Upside Down World for many more examples, or add your own in the comments section.

Frog Soup is disgusting.  Throw it out.  Vote your values.  Prepare yourself, then stand up for the truth.  Stop fearing man and the future.  We can’t just blame non-Christians, they are just (generally) doing and permitting what is in their job description.  We need to be the light to the world and agents of change.  There is a better way, and it starts with God.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

8 thoughts on “Not mmmmm . . . Frog Soup”

  1. This hits home for me this morning. Stopped on the way to work to shop for birthday cards, and was surprised (for some reason) at the percentage of the “funny” cards that were tacky at best and, in most cases, totally inappropriate. It’s never good when you pick up a card, glance at it, and quickly put it back lest someone think you were enjoying it. Do we need black plastic covers over the birthday card section? The capper for me was when a nearby HS student kept playing, loudly and repeatedly, one of the sound cards that consisted of passionate moaning and some statements I’ll omit. And he was with his mom — who occasionally offered a distracted mild reprimand. I’m far from a prude — but methinks the water is boiling…


  2. I’ve often spoken of communal influences, a kind of societal peer pressure, that can be used for ill or good. Obviously, our influences these days are less than good. I will continue to express the appropriate counter to inappropriate behavior and hope others will do so as well. When enough people treat evil as evil, evil will have no place to fester.


  3. I think one huge problem is that we ARE voting our values. No matter what perverted manifestation of this frog soup that gets thrown in our face, I think it’s that one realization that scares me the most.


  4. I like your analogy Neil. It could easily be applied to to the degradation and destruction of our environment. When Lewis and Clark explored the west, they described flocks of birds so thick that they would literally darken they sky. Now the new “normal” is a bird or two in your backyard and we have become resigned to the idea that the extinction of a few species is inevitable and normal.


  5. Excellent post, Neil.

    The very liberal lobbies do explicitly say that they are all about boiling us alive. Accept the de-criminalisation of abortion, adultery, etc., accept no-fault divorce, and then gay marriage seems to make sense. Accept civil unions, and then the polygamists (by choice, not religion) start saying that we should accommodate them, too. Get sex ed in high schools, and then in middle schools, and then someone starts reading “Heather has Two Mommies” to kindergarten kids. Then PP starts teaching about (rather gross, IMHO) sex acts to fifth-graders.

    Yep, that’s their plan.


  6. What is sad is how long we’ve been in this frog soup. Our TV is the old type – pre digital signals. We have rabbit ears and a converter box and get very little because we are in a valley. A bit over a month ago we started getting a channel with old stuff on it: Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. Just for fun we’ve been watching some of this are have been shocked at how much sexual innuendo and “wink- wink” is going on that we didn’t recognize when we were young people. And we all know that the modern stuff on TV is horrendous, having gotten that way because no one complained about the innuendo and “wink – wink” 40 years ago.


    1. Good for you, LWA. You won’t regret it. I wish we had started homeschooling / flexible schooling earlier. If we were starting over we’d definitely do it. So many great resources out there and no Liberal indoctrination camps.


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