Noviewers, not reviewers

Uncommon Descent has a contest where they ask, “Why do people refuse to read books they are attacking?”  It is about critics of Intelligent Design who don’t even read books before trashing them.  (To PZ Myers’ sort-of credit, he threatened to read one of the books — so take that!)

Here are the questions and my suggestions, which already concede that the ID-critic community not only permits such behavior but seems to encourage it (all in the name of science, eh?):

1. Why would a scientist or scholar actually volunteer to do it?

Assuming original sin is too broad, I’ll go with one of these:

A. He loves his worldview more than his integrity.

B. He hasn’t evolved enough to have intellectual honesty.

2. What do you call a guy who reviews/trashes a book without reading it?

The review is a noview and the reviewer is a noviewer.

2 thoughts on “Noviewers, not reviewers”

  1. I think this is actually an easy question to answer. The common descent’ers presume than any non-physical explanation for origins is religion and not science. They pre-believe ID is just YEC religion in drag.

    Since they believe religion is foolishness anything in the book is just foolish non-science. Therefore they do not feel it deserves their attention, in the same way we do not give credence to astrology or numerology.

    In the end they just assume it is religion because that is what the accusations were when ID made its debut. Since then they have never felt a need to look at what ID actually claims. If they can keep the misinformation in perpitutiy, they can intellectually convince themselves their knees do not need bending.


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