Massive vandalism and threats from unions. How much attention from the mainstream media?

The Leftist media pretends to care about tolerance, civility and non-violence but turns a blind eye to the thuggery of unions.  See In Spite of Vandalism & Shooting, Union Wants Replacement Workers’ Addresses for just one example.  Then ask yourself how much you hear about these things in the mainstream media.

In this case, however, with reports of vandalism and more than 100 flattened tires, the employer is raising concerns about turning those names and addresses over to the union.

. . .

“There is a vast amount of evidence of replacement workers being subjected to property damage, assault, intrusions into their homes and personal property, damage to their tires, projectiles around their property,” Radelet said, noting there is tangible evidence of the incidents.

“This past weekend, bullets were shot into the residence of a replacement worker … and residue poured onto his truck, damaging the truck,” he continued.

2 thoughts on “Massive vandalism and threats from unions. How much attention from the mainstream media?”

  1. I wonder how many of these assailants are actually the type of worker an employer would want. That is, when they are on the job, are they among the hardest workers, putting the job first? Or are they among the laziest, barely doing what is “in their job description”, slowing even further when in OT in order to suck up the most time and a half?

    Nice to see the union leaders stepping up to criticize the thuggery depicted in the article. Oh wait! They only said they had no evidence it was happening! The NLRB can pound sand along side the unions. They’ve corrupted their mission long ago and now are worthless.


  2. In my experience working with three unions, I have always found the most ardent union people to be the laziest and often the most incompetent. They are the ones who defend to the mat other union people doing illegal activities at the work place (falsifying work records, abusing sick leave, e.g.)


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