Interesting facts on divorce rates

Hey single people: Want to increase your chances of divorce?  Then do one or more of the following:

  1. Have premarital sex
  2. Cohabitate
  3. “Marry” someone of the same sex
  4. Don’t attend church regularly and pray together — Some surveys will say that Christians have similar divorce rates compared to the rest of the culture, but if you drill deeper you’ll find that those who are serious about their faith and not just checking the “cultural Christian” box have much lower rates.

Female unions seem to have the highest divorce rates, followed by male unions, followed by opposite sex unions.

“For Sweden, the divorce risk for partnerships of men is 50% higher than the risk for heterosexual marriages, and that the divorce risk for female partnerships is nearly double that for men.”

“For Norway, divorce risks are 77% higher in lesbian partnerships than in those of gay men.”  (The Norwegian data did not include a comparison with opposite sex couples.)

Do you know what else is bad for relationships? Premarital sex and cohabitation. And that’s not my opinion, those are the facts. (See the studies below) Either we are going to get serious about constraining our selfish behavior to protect children from instability, or worse, or children are going to suffer. When adults substitute their own selfish ideologies for God’s design for marriage, children suffer.

7 thoughts on “Interesting facts on divorce rates”

  1. A few thoughts:

    It’s surprising that lesbians have a higher divorce rate than gay men, given that gay men tend to be the most promiscuous of the entire group (lesbians, gay men, heterosexual men, heterosexual women). Then again, some huge number of lesbians had been abused or raped as children, so it could simply be that lesbianism is not the way to deal with those problems. Alternatively, it could be the “Massachusetts” issue – MA has the lowest divorce rate in the country, but it also has the lowest marriage rate and the highest age of first-time marriage.

    Moving right along: a lot of my peers think that the way to reduce the risk of divorce is to live together before marriage. They are always surprised to find out that cohabitating couples are more, not less, likely to divorce once they marry. As conservatives, we can say that people “should” do things all we want, but that doesn’t ultimately mean that people will do them, or even find them easy, logical, intuitive, or the like. Unless we have these stats at our fingertips (and unless conservative and religious leaders are willing to face reality), we look like out-of-touch morons who can’t live in reality, even though our way is demonstrably better.


    1. I agree completely with the second paragraph. Oh, my, do I ever agree. It’s more than that – I think that Christians should have these statistics at their fingerprints.

      Regarding the lesbians, My understanding is that women are often very emotional and men fill a role in the marriage of keeping them even and centered. If there is no man around, then that could cause problems. This is just my guess.


    2. Excellent points, Roxanne.

      Then again, some huge number of lesbians had been abused or raped as children, so it could simply be that lesbianism is not the way to deal with those problems.

      I agree, and I would add to that women who suffered from seriously abusive marriages. I know several who fit in that category. It is a bad solution to a serious problem.


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