Are voter ID bills racist?

Of course not.  What could be more logical than requiring voters to prove that they are who they claim to be?  Anyone fighting voter ID laws tips their hands at their endorsement of voter fraud.

Are convenience stores racist for asking for ID before someone buys alcohol?

Somehow, it’s okay to have to show ID to the clerk at 7-11 for cigarettes and chewing tobacco, or at the liquor store and college bar to buy any form of alcohol.

Heck, you even have to show ID to a cop if you get pulled over.

Despite all of this, though, as Wisconsin passes a new law to require IDs in order to vote it’s racism according to the SEIU:

via SEIU: New Wisconsin Voter ID Bill Is Racist! | RedState.

6 thoughts on “Are voter ID bills racist?”

  1. Imagine a pull string Democrat doll, and every time you pull its string it yells “racist”. Why then, when you think about it, the act of pulling its string is racist. Of course, for any thinking human being, that doesn’t mean that pulling its string is actually racist.


  2. The more often folks like SEIU try to re-frame the argument from “what is needed to fix…” to “That is racist…” the more apparent it becomes just how shallow and empty that argument has become. It has been so overused! Opposing Democratic policies is not racism. I never thought the race argument would lose it power when we elected our first black resident but I give credit to where credit is due. President Obama has certainly created a significant change in race relations during his presidency. His supporters have so overused the “That is racism!” argument, it has lost meaning. Reasonable people having a difference of opinion on a policy is not racism. What is interesting is that as the argument loses power, those that overused it fail to recognize that fact. They act surprised when people are no longer worried about being called a racist. And when what used to work so well at making people quiet no longer works, they have no fallback argument. It is like using the Hitler argument. Your only fallback after calling someone Hitler or a racist is to not discuss it further. But that just means they have to opt-out of the discussion. Because the other side is not going away.


    1. Sorry, the “p” key is becoming intermittent on my keyboard. I meant the first black president and not resident.


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