Don’t miss Modesty Week at the Haemet blog

See The LMA/RdL Modesty Countdown: Six Days and Slutwalks at Haemet.  Long-time uber-commenter Roxanne is doing a series leading up to a radio show she’ll be doing about modest dress.  It is in response to this:

The latest anti-modesty modern folly: Slutwalks. Boston had one the other week, featuring a parade of half-naked young women who were empowered to fight the patriarchy by doing what all chauvinists wish they would do: take off more clothes.  Allegedly, the Slut Walks started because a Toronto police officer said that women should not dress like sluts in order to not be victimised.  I say “allegedly” because the police officer certainly said it, and it’s certainly a silly thing to say (although not nearly as offensive as these women think), but because this whole thing seems like an excuse to engage in the “I have sex, therefore, I’m an intellectual” mentality.  Or to protest.

Girls going around half naked to shame chauvinists?  Oh, yeah, chauvinists just hate that!  That’ll show ’em.

Sean Hannity tackled this head-on by bringing Rebecca St. James into the studio to talk about modesty and Tamara Holder to talk about how women shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies:

ST. JAMES: Tamara, I mean, what are women saying by dressing provocatively? I mean, I think they are saying I’m easy. I’m asking you to look at me as a sexual object rather than a woman worthy of respect. I think these women that are marching and saying I should be able to wear whatever I want –

HOLDER: There’s nothing wrong with looking like a sexual object.

ST. JAMES: OK, do they want to be treated like a sexual object all the time?

HOLDER: No, you can look attractive –

I heard Rebecca St. James just got married.  Did you ever hear her song, “Wait for me?”  Just heard it the other day and was thinking of what a great message it had.

The “women shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies” argument seems like a false dichotomy.  You can be proud of your body without showing it to anyone and everyone.

Any guy who commits date-rape (or any kind of rape) is 100.00% responsible and should be punished to the full extent of the law.  But that doesn’t mean that certain behaviors won’t increase the odds of date-rape happening.  When you think of how many things people are cautioned to do (or not do)  in order to avoid being victims of all sorts of crimes, the previous statements should be self-evident and uncontroversial.

2 thoughts on “Don’t miss Modesty Week at the Haemet blog”

  1. Don’t forget that chastity isn’t just for women. I’m chaste and it is awesome. You look at women in a completely different way, and have completely different goals for them.

    Chastity is good for men and women, according to the research as well:

    And more:

    We really need to have a care about who we marry, and the best way to be careful is to have specific ideas about male and female roles and responsibilities, and to insist on individual preparation prior to the courtship, and then team preparation during the courtship. I think apologetics, education, law and economics are four KEY AREAS to focus on. Do we know why we believe what we say we believe? And have we thought through the costs of marriage and parenting, and the challenges to marriage and parenting from the state?


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