Waterboarding = really, really bad. Shooting unarmed man in the face = really, really good.

At least that’s what Liberal-speak would have you believe.

To make matters worse, the only reason they were able to find the unarmed man to shoot him in the face was because of waterboarding.  They don’t seem bothered by that ethical dilemma, nor do they seem inclined to give credit to President Bush, whose policies were what led to this.

If you Ever Wondered How The Taking Out Of Osama Would Have Been Viewed By The Self Appointed American “Conscious” If Bush Were In Office?, then click the link and wonder no more. 

P.S. I don’t object to the shooting, given the circumstances.  I just don’t see why President Obama is running around like he was the SEAL who did the hard work.  And I really don’t understand the hypocrisy of his fans.

P.S.S. Aside from his “gutsy call,” why on earth did the administration divulge that they had found information on Bin Laden’s computers?  That disclosure had to be one of the most childish, bone-headed moves ever.  It may have made them look good for a day, but the information would have been much more valuable if we had kept it a secret.

2 thoughts on “Waterboarding = really, really bad. Shooting unarmed man in the face = really, really good.”

  1. This may be a good thing for Conservatives and/or Republicans. If the Liberals protest loudly and often enough, Obama will fry in his own grease, so to speak.

    In my view, Obama really messed up when he publicly changed his story that Osama was armed to his revised version that Osama was unarmed. Liberals will always come down on the wrong side of justice and morality. Obama’s admission that he is responsible for taking out an unarmed man will not sit well with his base, even if the unarmed man is a monster.

    Of course, if said unarmed man was a Republican…


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