More about Herman Cain

Since Herman Cain is all black, will his Democratic critics automatically be considered racist for not wanting him to be President?  Can they only handle someone who is half-black?

I couldn’t care less about the skin color of Cain or Obama.  I just know that Cain would be a vastly superior leader.  Obama is destroying this country.

Watch the video.

“Stupid people are ruining America.”

Hat tip: Hillbuzz

7 thoughts on “More about Herman Cain”

  1. Democrats will simply say he’s an Uncle Tom or a “House nigger” or an Oreo, just as they’ve characterized other conservative black leaders.

    There is no shame among Libs. They lack the gene to blush.


    1. I don’t give a damn if he is an Oreo, a Cheeto or a jalapeno popper- he is the only one running who plainly speaks the truth as he sees it, from his own hard earned personal experience, no matter the audience or the flack it generates. This is the kind of President America needs and deserves.
      Run, Herman, Run!


  2. Living in Arizona, most have dropped out by the time I get to vote in the primaries. He’s been my favorite since I saw him speak several years ago. Perhaps he is picking up steam. There still lots of time.


  3. I just watched Wintery’s videos. Wow, it looks like he IS picking up steam. I’m so afraid that the Liberal New Englanders are going to pick a Democrat lite like Romney early on.

    BTW, correction. I said I heard Cain several years ago. that should read several months ago.


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