Which is more racist?

A. Aborting blacks at a rate three times that of whites

B. Pointing out that the abortion rate for blacks is three times that of whites

See Mom sues pro-life group for using daughter’s photo in “racist, defamatory” NYC billboard – Jill Stanek

A pro-life group that erected a billboard to spotlight the documented genocide being committed against preborn black children is being sued as “racist.”

I’d say “A.” The racism lies with those Margaret Sanger-inspired Planned Parenthood types who target black communities.

15 thoughts on “Which is more racist?”

    1. This was a child model. The mother had given permission. The mother is trying to say it is “defamation.” But the child’s mother didn’t abort, so of course the billboard portrays her positively.

      Would you have preferred images of aborted black children?


      1. I would prefer that the RIGHT focus on real issues and not things like “Abortion”, which will always remain legal. Maybe providing reasonable alternatives to women in the tough spot of having to make that choice.


      2. Abortion isn’t a real issue?! Seems to me that crushing and dismembering 3,000+ humans per day will always be a real issue. And don’t assume that progress isn’t being made. Restrictions and gains are being made all over the country. The pro-aborts are scared to appeal some of the changes because they think if it goes to the Supreme Court that Roe v Wade might get overturned.

        Pro-lifers are providing reasonable alternatives. Go visit your local pregnancy center, which is typically funded by donations and mostly staffed by volunteers. They outnumber abortion clinics. Make a donation. Volunteer yourself.


      3. Real Issue? Sure, in actuality. POLITICALLY, it is a distraction, a non-issue.

        And I have worked at women’s centers in CHICAGO, know of a couple that closed for lack of funding, maybe if we directed our good will and energy to that sort of thing we can keep some good places from closing.


    1. Timmy, here are a couple of syllogisms that might help you understand:

      All who disagree with Obama are racists
      Obama agrees with abortion
      all who disagree with abortion are racists

      Or perhaps this:

      all that Obama loves is good
      Obama loves abortion
      all abortion is good


  1. Timmy:

    The problem with White Supremacist sociological worldview is that they can never actually admit it, and always think that “racism” is a figment of Black people’s imagination.


    1. The problem with black racist’s worldview is that they can never actually admit it, and always think that those who disagree with them are White Supremacists; strangely enough, even if that point of disagreement is that all children, including black children, should be protected in the womb, and should not be killed off because someone, somewhere, thinks those children might cut in on their government hand outs.


      1. Dan, this country was founded on “WHITE SUPREMACY” and it is ingrained in the national psyche. Black “RACISM” is a myth, unless one is speaking about reactionary racism from 400 years of white supremacist oppression or self hate within the Black Community.

        Abortion is a LIFE issue not a RACE one. WHen the GOP can admit to and deal with the Racism in their own ranks and stop pointing fingers, I might be able to take their faux argument about “Black Racist” a bit more seriously.


  2. I think the comments to this post show what is wrong with this type of ad. It seeks to use race as a way to draw attention, and is divisive. There is no need to single out blacks to make the point that you should not abort your babies. This is just my opinion, but there is way too many statements made in today’s society that are not productive, and divide rather than join us together.

    Just my .02




    1. I don’t see why it is divisive. Are pro-life blacks opposing it, or pro-choice blacks? If they are pro-choicers, then my eloquent response would be, “Well, duh.”

      Seems to me this would be a unifying theme: Whites (and hopefully blacks) working together to have less black babies chopped up because they are unwanted.


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