Did false teacher change his mind on the Gospel of John?

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie is “preaching” on a passage from the Gospel of John this week — see Moving Through Holy Week.  No big deal, right?

Actually, it is .  You see, this false teacher said from the pulpit that the book of John was not written until 130 AD (which means, of course, that John nor any other apostle couldn’t have written it).

Is John 14:16 (sic) the literal word of God or is it a human reflection that speaks to how the early Christian community understood their faith?

Biblical scholars in mainline seminaries agree that Jesus never spoke the words attributed to him in our reading from this morning.

Looks like someone went scholar-shopping and found just what he was looking for.  And don’t you love the patronizing bit about those deluded early Christians who gave their lives for the faith but were just imagining that Jesus really said those things?

The Gospel of John was written some 100 years after the death of Jesus and in no other writing is Jesus said to have made such exclusive claims about the faith.  So why after 100 many years have passed since the his death would someone remember things so differently – so starkly differently.

The Jesus Seminar, the “scholars” that false teacher like Chuck flock to, insists that only a couple verses of John are valid.  So why would Chuck preach on anything from this book?

More nonsense from this wolf:

Let us resolve as members of the Christian faith to be open to hearing God speak through other voices, and as we preach the Gospel message let our hearts welcome new insights about God from other faithful traditions.

What do these other religions have to teach us about Jesus that the Bible doesn’t?  Do they have things that belong in the Bible instead of the Gospel of John?

Some false teachers are smooth.  Chuck is so clumsy and bad that I have stopped feeling sorry for those he misleads.  I think they want to be mislead.


4 thoughts on “Did false teacher change his mind on the Gospel of John?”

  1. Paul wrote to Timothy in the ‘last days so called ‘believers'(“they”) would want false teachings i.e. even their ‘ears itch’ as it were for them Paul says and they will ‘heap up teachers to themsleves’ that will give these heretical doctrines to them due, as the Greek NT says, the ‘bend or warp in their minds.’Paul says they simply won’t as the Greek says ‘tolerate sound doctrine’ any longer.


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