Bidens make $379,000 and donate $5,360

Wow, a whole 1.3%.  How generous for a guy who wants to take money from neighbor A by force to “give” to neighbor B and claim it as a virtue on his account.  And that doesn’t even take into account how much free stuff and extravagant benefits the guy gets.  See Obama’s tax return: Income down — to $1.7 million.

I was glad to see the President finally upped his donation percentage.  He used to give just 1%.  Yes, the same guy who says we have to give more, be our brothers’ keeper (even though he isn’t his own brothers’ keeper), etc. has been really cheap with his own wallet until just recently.

He says his proposed tax increases will affect him, but he failed to take advantage of the opportunity to pay extra anyway.  All these millionaires who are asking to be taxed more can self-tax all the like.  It is completely legal.  I’ll wait here . . .

Liberals who don’t give generously should not even be listened to. Their foundational hypocrisy proves their untrustworthiness.  Obama, Biden, Kennedy, Kerry . . . it is a long list.  It is truly an upside down world when they are considered to be the generous ones for giving away other people’s money.

4 thoughts on “Bidens make $379,000 and donate $5,360”

  1. A wise man once said “liberals desire higher taxes because they assume everybody is as stingy with charity as they are.” Wish I remember who said that because I use that quote a lot. Usually to liberal friends who say “Conservatives want the poor to starve!!!!!!1!!!!”


  2. I usually enjoy the posts on this site very much. However, I am somewhat disappointed in today’s post.

    First, why in the world would you even be concerned about what Biden or other unregenerate people give or don’t give?

    Second, why should it be a surprise or bone of contention? Why does it surprise most believers when non-believes act like non-believers?

    Third, even the 5K he gave is an abomination unto God. God is not pleased by it, It was not given in faith, and it possibly, probably, (I don’t know the heart nor can I judge the motive) selfishly with ego-centric motivations, again being an abomination to the Lord.

    Even though Biden and others were created by God, are owned by God in a sense, required by God to repent, and owe all of their “possessions and wealth” to the common grace of God, he is just acting according to his nature.

    Therefore, I am not surprised.


    1. Hi Gregg — Sorry the connection wasn’t more clear. Biden claims to be a Christian. Many Christians and “Christians” support the efforts of these politicians to redistribute wealth to help people. I know that there plans will harm people, so I oppose them. I was merely pointing out what hypocrites they are.


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