91% of Planned Parenthood clinics help hide statutory rapists

Listen to the audio and read the transcripts.

Here’s a sample from Sunnyvale, CA:

CALLER: It’s just, well my friend told me that since like I’m going to be 14 in March that you guys would actually have to tell my parents that I’m getting an abortion. But my boyfriend is 22. Is he old enough to take care of it and you wouldn’t have to tell anybody about anything?

CLINIC: We wouldn’t contact your parents regardless of how old you are.

Can someone explain to me why these people aren’t in jail?  And why we’re even having to debate whether to keep funding Planned Parenthood?  Does it ever occur to people that Planned Parenthood uses some of the taxpayer money they receive to lobby for their taxpayer money?  And that if they break the law and hide statutory rapists then they might just lie about other things as well?

See Planned Parenthood Clinics Help Statutory Rapists Cover Their Tracks | RedState.

Planned Parenthood claims to support women’s health. Their institutional actions, though, indicate they support criminal activity that would harm a child. How? By facilitating abortions for children raped by adult men. Fully 91% of the abortion clinics contacted would help an underaged girl receive an abortion even when the clinic counselor knew the father was an adult male.

. . .

Far from being champions for women, abortion mills exploit them–even the young and raped. They cover up the crimes of grown men to what end? To keep abortion an absolute “right”? To protect their business?

In the last year, we’ve seen abortion mills shut down due to deplorable conditions. We’ve seen women maimed and even killed. We’ve seen jars of baby body parts on shelves.

And from the Planned Parenthoods of America, we’ve seen obfuscation and straight up lying. No, they don’t perform mammograms. No, they don’t focus on preventative health for women.

What Planned Parenthood does do is make a lot of money aborting babies. And, it seems, they are willing to abort the babies of babies who were raped by adult men trying to get rid of the criminal evidence.

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