The perfect record is intact

I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it is true: I have yet to see Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie or the United Church of Christ get a single Bible verse right.  And I’ve endured reading countless blog posts of his and actually forced myself to listen to some of his sermons.  The insincere droning I can overlook, but the false teachings I cannot.  Here’s the latest, emphasis added:

In a “Resolution for the Common Good,” General Synod 25 reminds us: “Our Christian faith speaks directly to public morality and the ways a nation should bring justice and compassion into its civic life.  In the story of the last judgment, Jesus tells us that nations will be judged by how they care for their most vulnerable citizens, those Jesus describes as, ‘the least of these who are members of my family.’  This story in Matthew (Matthew 25: 34-35) is not about personal salvation; rather it is presented as a story of the judgment of nations.”

via JPANet: The Federal Budget and the Common Good

Really?  So if you trust in Jesus for your salvation but live in a “goat” nation then you “will go away into eternal punishment” but if you reject Jesus but live in a “sheep” nation you will have eternal life? (verse 46)  Wow, that is some interesting theology!  It isn’t Christian, but it is interesting.  Apparently in Chuck’s world you could be a greedy, gay-bashing, drug-dealing, misogynist non-believer but you get eternal salvation as long as your nation borrows from future generations to fund his preferred social programs.

These false teachers can’t get the simplest passage correct, but the larger tragedy is that people read the Bible so little that they can’t recognize it.

Aside from the bad Bible analysis, he uses the typical bad reasoning that his fellow false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis does, namely that even if the Bible said countries must help in this way that it is a blank check.  No, more than a blank check: It is a duty to borrow from future generations to support poorly performing and even counterproductive programs.

And as always, these false teachers who reflexively refer to the “least of these” are not only pro-legalized abortion but pro-taxpayer funded abortion.  That means these wolves in sheep’s clothing aren’t just pro-choice, they are pro-abortion — and they claim Jesus is on their side.  Crushing and dismembering innocent but unwanted human beings is the opposite of caring for the least of these.

Run, don’t walk, from denominations and false teachers like this.

P.S. Chuck also broke the hypocrisy meter with his support of President Obama’s Random Foreign Policy Generator war in Libya.

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