Follow up thoughts on “A conversation with a false teacher” movie

I had some fun with this video and got some good reactions from it.  It was one of those projects where you whip something out and it turns out better than planned.

Again, you can make one free at the Xtranormal site.  You just set up an account, pick the scene and characters then type in the dialog.  You publish it to the Xtranormal site and then to YouTube, Facebook, etc. with just a couple clicks.

There is something unique about how the characters read the lines.  It helps makes points that get lost when there is too much emotion in the voices. 

I obviously had some fun with the false teacher, but they really say many of those things and use those lines of argument.  Many of the lines were direct quotes.  They won’t concede how little they know about other religions that they claim to be true, but with some probing questions you can easily demonstrate that. 

While this video won’t convert any false teachers,  I do think these could help people be prepared with some basic answers to common things false teachers (or pro-choicers, or atheists, etc.) say.  You can show how to give sound, simple answers to their fallacious worldviews.

I hope some of the regulars here will make their own videos like this.  Be sure to let me know if you do so I can plug them here.

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