“Junk” DNA: Not so junky after all

The non-protein coding portion of DNA was thought for decades to be “junk” DNA, a useless by-product of Darwinian evolution.  Turns out that was wrong.  Really, really, very wrong.  See New book: Junk DNA junked … in favour of what? | Uncommon Descent.

The last sentence is a great response to those claiming that “God wouldn’t create things this way.”

Junk DNA was one of those ideas that just had to be true. Genome mapper and NIH head Francis Collins saw it as a slam dunk for his beloved Darwinism in his first book, The Language of God, (“Darwin’s theory predicts … That is exactly what is observed”) but seems to have changed his tune in his second, The Language of Life.

I’ll be interviewing Wells on the book next week, but in the meantime, two questions occur to me: To what extent did Darwinism cause the myth to be retained longer than it otherwise would be? Given that Darwinists must now be in search of another guiding myth, any idea out there which one it will be?

Now, one prediction:

Darwinists who used to point to all the alleged junk in DNA, as Collins did, will resort – seeing anything they don’t like – to saying God wouldn’t have done it that way” implying that, unlike the rest of us, they are on familiar terms with God, and cold take over the desk themselves on his lunch break, with no interruption in service.

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