A terrific summary of politics in the U.S.

Via Oleg Atbashian Founder of ‘The Peoples Cube’: “The Current Truth About Socialism and The Unions” at Ironic Surrealism v3.0

America is capitalistic and greedy yet have of the population is subsidized.

Half of the population is subsidized yet they think they are victims.

They think they are victims yet their representatives run the government.

Their representatives run the government yet the poor keep getting poorer.

The poor keep getting poorer yet they have things people in other countries can only dream about.

They have all this stuff people in other countries can only dream about and yet they want America to be like those other countries.

I especially liked this one: “Their representatives run the government yet the poor keep getting poorer.”  Just look at inner cities and their schools.  Democrats have had virtual monopolies on their politics and education for over 50 years and what do they have to show for it?  Detroit, anyone?

It is always interesting to get the perspectives of those who lived under full-fledged Communism.  If only we had history classes in public schools that taught the truth about what Communism does to people.

Oleg Atbashian is a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR. Born and raised in Ukraine, he used to be a teacher, a translator, a worker, a freelance journalist, and at one time a propaganda artist, creating visual agitprop for the local Party committee in a Siberian town. In 1994, he emigrated to the USA hoping to live in a country that was ruled by reason and common sense. Ironically, he now lives in New York City. He is the creator of  ThePeoplesCube.com, a satirical website where he writes under the name of Red Square.

5 thoughts on “A terrific summary of politics in the U.S.”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle! you just have to laugh – or cry – at the lack of common sense of the people who continue to support those who keep them down, and their desire for socialism. I thought we were supposed to be against slavery!


  2. I have to take issue with his first line. Capitalist and greedy are not synonymous. America is certainly the former, but the latter is not even a good generalization. I think for the most part, America is generous. As fine a line as exists between greed and ambition, it does indeed exist and it is intellectually lazy to confuse the two.


  3. Timmy: Americans from the former Soviet Union are the strongest advocates I’ve met for limited government, freedom, and personal responsibility. They’ve seen the liberal ideology played out to its logical end and, seeing the fruit, despise the entire tree and its root system.

    In all honesty, if I’m ever in Congress, I’m going to propose an exchange bill. Two things are clear: many people in the world would love to live in America (and many die trying to), and many in America hate it and think that it’s backwards. Therefore, what we’ll do – keep everyone happy – is that anyone who wants to move can post their info on a registry, which will match people up, who can then swap places. We’ll even grant citizenship to the newcomers and revoke the citizenship of the departed.

    (I’m actually serious.)


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