Yea for Wisconsin!

See Entitlement Rage: The Scene in Wisconsin When the Bill Passed | Verum Serum.

Watch the video.  Sure looks like a lot of angry white people.  Must be racists.  At least that was the meme about TEA Partiers.  Isn’t it odd that the mainstream media has ignored racial composition with this issue?

This is what happens when people get entitlements: They behave like that when you try to take away just a small portion of them.  Lessons learned: Don’t give them to begin with, because they are counterproductive.  Make sure you win when they use these violent and immature responses, otherwise you’ll encourage further bad behavior.

It is so sad that private sector people root for these spoiled government employees.  They are the ones driving up your taxes and giving you lousy service in return.  As noted separately, Texas — a non-union state — outscores Wisconsin on all student test scores when broken down by race.

Democrats own the unions, and unions own the Democrats.  Now is the time for any adults in government to curb public sector unions.

Oh, and about those Fleebaggers — if those were Republicans wouldn’t the Left be going on endlessly about dereliction of duty, etc.?  If the Republicans can’t milk the Wisconsin thing through 2012 they need to fire the whole marketing department.

15 thoughts on “Yea for Wisconsin!”

    1. Sorry, no plugs for the Daily Kos here. The chances of them having accurate data or making sense are near zero. “Tax breaks” for the wealthy = misnomer. They foot the bill for most federal taxes. Coveting is still a sin. You could confiscate the wealth of all the billionaires and it wouldn’t even cure the deficit for one year.

      How much did you donate to those (largely counterproductive) programs you want others to fund?


      1. Yes, because this economic plan worked so well during the eight years before Obama. Ultimately, the extra monetary influx that would be garnered from additional taxes would be able to help the economy, instead of renovating estates.

        Also, as you are well aware, I am an atheist. So, saying ‘coveting is still a sin’ has no place in an economic discussion, especially in a capitalistic society.

        Furthermore, I’m a twenty year old college student. I go to one of the most expensive universities in the world (University of Chicago). Asking me how much I have contributed is not really a fair question given that I barely have enough money for rent each month.


      2. Don’t you mean 6 years before Obama, when he joined the Democratic majority in the Senate and helped make the economy worse? Bush spent way too much, but Obama makes that his deficits look like rounding errors.

        I think coveting being a sin is relevant. Whether you are an atheist or not, you are coveting the wealth of others and judging them for renovating estates. Not sure how one grounds that in a materialistic universe. If they gained the money honestly, it is theirs to spend as they like. If they got it by breaking the law, then punish them. I am anti-bailouts, for the record. It is the same type of bad-behavior-inducing policy as union entitlements.

        The Bible is anti-greed, of course, but it respects private property (kinda hard to tell people not to steal otherwise). There is nothing wrong with competing fairly and trying to meet the needs and wants of people.

        Separate topic: My sincere sympathies for your college bills! I have one daughter at a private out of state college and another going to a public out of state university in the Fall. The costs of college have vastly outstripped every other category, including health care. Too many students leave (with or without degrees) owing as much as a house mortgage. Something has to give. Many courses could be taught more effectively online or with self-paced studies a tiny fraction of the cost. But the endless gov’t subsidies and loans make it so easy for the colleges to keep raising rates. That pesky supply-and-demand thing never goes away.

        I had the dept. head teach my calculus class as a freshman. I’m sure he was really smart at math but he was a lousy teacher. I would have loved to have had a self-paced study led by a video of someone who knew how to teach.


      3. According to the most recent Trifecta @ PJTV, the Feb expenditure is equal to all of 2007. Criticize Bush all you want. But if it takes Obama one month to do what Bush took all of 2007…


    2. And yes, the unions cost too much. More pay for lesser service, and a horrific cycle of influence buying and bullying when you dare question them.


  1. This video is astounding. This is how they wish tea partyers would act. What an amazing video. It supports my theory that they will eventually resort to violence, sooner if America’s citizens are able to muster needed spending cuts, or later when we run out of other people’s money people foolish enough to lend money to a nation with no fiscal discipline. Peace talk is only important when their opponents are loosing.


  2. Typical union thuggery. Especially public sector unions. I know, I was part of PATCO in 1981 and was very happy Reagan fired them all. I kept the oath of office that those who went on strike violated, and I retired after 30years on the job.


    1. Glen, you were PATCO? You must have been one of the 1 or 2 controllers I talked to coming back to Seattle from a European deployment. When we left European airspace, we were told basically, “Y’all fly safe, now”. And “you’re on your own”. What a trip.


      1. I was at Chicago Center at the time, still in training. I finished the Academy Dec. 1978 and started at ZAU Jan. ’79. Was told if I didn’t join the union I would not certify. So I joined. When they went on strike I told them I couldn’t participate. Over the first few months we got lots of threats, including the threat of having my house burned, my wife received so many obscene calls we had our number changed. After a couple weeks they transferred me to West Chicago DuPage airport to help there and one day in October my wife needed the car so she dropped me off; 3-year old in the back, wife 8 mos pregnant and our car was attacked trying to get to the tower. It was damaged and my wife and daughter scared to death. We got on FAA property and called the police and ID’d the guys who beat up the car and they were arrested, and my wife got an escort across the airport to another exit to get out. It was a rough few months before they gave up. Dec ’81 I was asked to return to ZAU and I requested to stay at DPA because the tower was a lot more fun. I was made supervisor in 1986 and then had to deal with the new Union – NATCA – which is corrupt. I finally got tired of dealing with them and in Dec. 95 left supervision and came to Cedar Rapids until retirement in 2008.


  3. Neil, we see evidence of the entitlement mentality everyday, everywhere. After one receives unearned monies and benefits for a period of time one begins to expect them all the time. The idea of working for a living goes out the window.

    Try this little experiment someday:

    Drive into any large retail store parking lot.You will invariably see cars parked in the fire Zone, even when there is ample parking not more than 50 feet further from the front doors. These are the people who have come to believe they have the right to break laws simply because those laws are inconvenient to them. This is where the entitlement mentality leads. If they were cited for illegal parking they are the ones that would scream the loudest that their rights are being violated.


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