Bizarre “Christian” pro-legalized abortion logic

Periodic commenter “Poolman” shared his pro-legalized abortion rationale at another blog.  Not surprisingly, some atheist, pro-legalized abortion, bisexual / lesbian commenters really liked Poolman’s “religion,” even though they don’t appear to plan to convert to it or understand it.  They just throw out the word “love” with no context and that’s all they need.

It is amazing how hard pro-legalized abortionists will work to rationalize their positions.  Here are his comments.

Science and logic will all pass away. In the end it will be how well you loved.

I’m not sure how he thinks logic will pass away — though, on second thought, it seems to have passed away for some already.  And I doubt he ignores everything from science because it will “pass away.”  He just ignores it here to rationalize his pro-legalized abortion views.

And in the end it will be whether you repented and trusted in Jesus or not.

Oh, and ignoring the destruction of the weak and defenseless is the opposite of love.

I am confounded how so many fundamentalist “Christians” have come from atheism to doctrinalism. You trade one millstone for another. You need the cornerstone. You miss the whole point of why Jesus came to earth in the flesh. In essence you crucify Him daily with your ignorance. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You are intelligent and knowledgable, but ignorant of the true character of God. Love. A life of sacrifice and service to other humans already sharing the air on this planet. That’s our mission.

I’m not sure how objecting to the crushing and dismembering of innocent human beings is in opposition to that.  Just because the unborn humans don’t directly share the air on the planet he views them as fair game for unlimited destruction.  Wow, that’s a pretty bizarre take on Christianity and one of the most extreme legalistic positions I’ve seen to defend abortion.

He claims that he knows the true character of God and that I am ignorant of it.  Hmmm.  He claims that our service to others only applies to those outside the womb.  Got any Bible verses for that?  I didn’t realize God was against pre-natal care and was pro-legalized abortion.

And note how he throws the fundie label around.  He seems rather fundamental in his views.  Does that make him wrong?

“Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?” (Galations 3:3)
“The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14)

Ah, there came the random Bible verse generator he litters his comments with.  One day he may pick a winner and have one that applies in context.

Yes abortion kills a human and stops its potential contribution to this world. However, the spirit lives on.

Poolman doesn’t seem to see that by trivializing abortion so broadly that he does the same for murder outside the womb.  And he implies that the value of a human comes from her contribution, not by her nature as being created in the image of God.  That helps people rationalize the destruction of those outside the womb who aren’t “contributing” by the definition of those in power.

This world is not our home. The spirit is eternal, the flesh is temporary.

Yes, more temporary for some of us than others, because Christians like Poolman justify their destruction.  But what is the point of his comment?  Just because we’re here temporarily should we just sit around and be spiritual?  Of course not. He has a big list of things he thinks we should do, but protecting innocent unborn life isn’t one of them.

There are many more evils in this world that are done to humanity. Go spend some time in Palestine or Somalia.

So what?  Just because you think you’ve found a greater evil then you can’t deal with any allegedly lesser evils?  Are thousands of innocent human beings killed in Palestine every day?

Many parents there would consider it a blessing to have never had their children than to rather see them suffer the atrocities they have had to endure.

Notice how he conflates birth control with abortion.  Once conception occurs they have children – they are just small.  Using Poolman’s logic, they should just kill the kids outside the womb to avoid suffering.  Hey, who knows whether any child will suffer?  Does Poolman recommend we abort everyone just to be on the safe side?

Fix what you can with the resources you are given. Quit causing division and pronouncing judgment. Help educate and elevate those around you. Save the lost souls.

So we’re causing division and judging but he is not.  Check.  Ah, the hypocrisy.

If the unborn aren’t important enough to protect, why are they important enough to educate once they are outside the womb?  If we can’t educate them to protect innocent human life, why educate them on anything else?

Love covers a multitude of sins. They will know us by our love, one for another.

Yes, and unborn human beings count as “other,” as do the mothers who deserve better than people like Poolman encouraging them to abort.

Amen. Teach these kids all about sex and the consequences of sex early. We are so backward in this country. To teach our kids about sex and talk about it is taboo. Act like it’s dirty and doesn’t exist. But then to use it everyday in everyway to market product is hunky-dory. We have so perverted love and sex in this nation, IMHO. God help us!

Who said not to teach kids about sex?  The question is what to teach them and when.

It is sad when people like Poolman masquerade as teachers of authentic Christianity.  If the audience thinks they believe what Jesus taught but don’t recognize what that means then you haven’t shared the truth with them.

21 thoughts on “Bizarre “Christian” pro-legalized abortion logic”

  1. Somehow I can’t see the baby being crushed and dismembered feeling the love. Thanks for the line by line analyses of the illogical liberal yet typical dribble.


    1. Yep. Cowards like Poolman not only stand by while innocent human beings are destroyed but they help rationalize the destruction as being the “Christian” response.

      One of the keys to success in life is having the right ideological enemies.



    Well maybe that’s what everyone else might say if they saw his comments in their entirety. Not dismembered and crushed like Neil here is doing.

    Interpreted word out of context is a bitch.


    1. I forgot the link but added it now. I’m glad to point to his bad reasoning there, as well as the continued dodges of you and Dayle.

      People are pretty familiar with Poolman here. I gave him more attention than such a confused person deserves.

      He was on moderation because of his high rate of illogical comments. But it was funny to see him complain about that. He is pro-choice for people to be able to legally kill unwanted human beings, but “oh the humanity” when I exercise my choice to screen comments before posting them. How marvelously consistent of him.

      Same goes for you: You think this — — is morally justified, as well as teaching little kids about how normal transgenderism is, but you think parsing Poolman’s “Christian” pro-legalized abortion speech is bad. Check.


      1. speaking of teaching little kids, I am involved with a mentoring organization that helps troubled teens by providing tutoring help. The so called “literature” class is nothing more than socialist propaganda. Every socialist dictator in the world would be proud of the these literature text book’s exalted authors. Doing a little research this morning on Brad Bradbury, the author of “Martian Chronicles” and “Farenheit 451” I discovered this article by CNN.

        People hold the illogical and retarded view of “love” that they do today because they have been programed to hold it… with help from our tax dollars no less. It is quite upsetting because as you aptly point out, this is not true love.


      2. I’m not surprised by the book selection, but I am glad to hear you are helping those kids. I prayed that your impact would make a huge difference in their lives.


  3. What kind of love is it, that let’s people do harmful things to themselves and each other to avoid hurting their feelings.


  4. Wow.

    It’s always the same, isn’t it? These people pervert “social justice” to mean “throwing people in jail who don’t want to fund programmes that do more harm than good”, when it means “take money from your own pocket and give to those less fortunate”. They say that “sacrifice” is what hard-working Americans in the private sector should do for their socialist dream, but fail to apply that to a woman who willfully got pregnant and doesn’t want to be – or a man who would love for the problem to go away, rather than be faced with 18 years of child support payments.



    1. They say that “sacrifice” is what hard-working Americans in the private sector should do for their socialist dream, but fail to apply that to a woman who willfully got pregnant and doesn’t want to be – or a man who would love for the problem to go away, rather than be faced with 18 years of child support payments.

      Great point! They sure do want to make “sacrifices” with other people’s money, don’t they? Yet they neglect to hold people accountable to their responsibilities, let alone challenge them to make sacrifices for the cause of life.

      I’ll be “borrowing” that theme from time to time. Just run a tab on my royalty payments, please.


  5. As expected, Poolman left a comment as incoherent as the one I parsed above. I’d have to quit my job to reply in full to all his inanities but I picked one for grins:

    Why aren’t you advocating attacking China for the genocide of 30 million unborn babies per year? How about stopping trade with them? Or quit letting them buy our debt? Why aren’t you picketing Chinese restaurants? Or boycotting their products? Is there less value to Chinese babies? 30 million!!

    That was another non sequitur to hide his extended-play “Christian” support for legalized abortion (and presumably, taxpayer-funded abortions). The incoherence is numbing. Did I ever hint that I don’t think Chinese abortions are also bad? Did I say I was going to boycott the U.S. because it has legal abortions?

    That’s the kind of rant you must expect when Christians (the wildly confused kind) and “Christians” (the fake kind) rationalize abortion.


    1. Um… what about those of us who think that we need to move heaven and earth to get our debt under control here, so that we are not borrowing money from a country with a horrible record on human rights?

      Did I not just post something about how we need to stop funding cowboy poetry festivals because the money for those comes from China?


      1. Hey, it is a big Internet. Go crazy. Just more embarrassment for you.

        I encourage you to hang out at Dan Trabue’s blog. You two seem to have similar man-made religions — the kind that non-believers like Dayle swoon over but see no need to convert to. And you can share your imaginary stories about why you got banned here (Dan has forgiveness issues and won’t let it go). Have fun!


      2. P.S. You are such a coward. I can’t believe you are so ardently in favor of your “Christian” rationale for legalized abortion but then you cry like a little kid if someone won’t post your comments. Boo-hoo, buddy.


  6. I really like the last quote in the post, where Poolman decries sex in advertising and somehow links it to people like us. Is it really conservative Christians who think first of using scantily clad women and sexual innuendo to sell beer or deodorant? I’m not so sure. I would expect that such people generally support abortion. The conservative Christian, I would expect, would not seek to titillate so that others would feel like engaging in the very activity that leads to decisions regarding the life then generated.

    Poolman’s comments seem every bit as goofy and laugh filled as those of Feodor regarding his justifications for abortion at my blog. (shameless plug) You have yours, Neil. I have mine.


    1. Oh, but you are much nicer than me and give Feo free reign!

      And feel free to plug away. I appreciate how you handle those guys. You are more patient than me.


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