Do they really care what Jesus would do?

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie asked, “What would Jesus cut?” in an attempt to influence the reductions required for the U.S. budget.  Aside from the major issues with not only the ineffectiveness but the counterproductive nature of so many U.S. welfare programs, I think it is fair to ask if Chuck and other false teachers like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistributionWallis really care what Jesus thinks.

Perhaps they could share their church budgets with us and show us how much they give out of their own pockets to the poor, even as their denominations keep shrinking (the UCC loses people year after year – must be the ejector seats!).  Do they just spend the donations on their own buildings and such, or do they help the needy in a significant way?  If they aren’t setting a good example with their own funds,  why should we take their advice on how to spend other people’s money?

Jesus said many things that these false teachers don’t take seriously.

Jesus taught that not only was murder wrong, but even the hatred that leads to murder.  He taught to protect the weak and the “least of these.  Yet the false teachers are pro-legalized abortion and even pro-taxpayer-funded abortion.  If they think Jesus supports either of those they are worshiping a fake Jesus.

And they support groups like Planned Parenthood, which in addition to killing the unborn systematically hide statutory rape and underage sex slavery.  That is the opposite of love and caring for the least of these.

Jesus taught not to even look at others lustfully and that marriage was designed for one man and one woman.  Yet these false teachers support all manner of perversions, oppose censorship of destructive materials, support “same-sex marriage,” and more.

Jesus said that Hell is real, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus said He is the only way to salvation, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus said He was God, but the false teachers don’t believe that.

Jesus taught to give your own money to help your neighbors, not to ask Caesar to take from neighbor A to give to neighbor B.  But the false teachers believe the opposite.

You get the idea.  So why should we think they really care about what Jesus says now?

Don’t let them get away with stealing the name of Jesus while teaching the opposite of what He did on nearly every important topic.  Run, don’t walk, from theologically Liberal churches.  They are just providing shortcuts to Hell.

5 thoughts on “Do they really care what Jesus would do?”

  1. Neil,
    there you go being very narrow-minded again. Don’t you think you are taking Jesus’ teachings just a little bit too literal – and you also have to take into consideration their culture because it was so different back then – blah, blah, blah.’

    Seriously, those are some very good points, the likes of which false teachers hate.


  2. I like your post as well. As you may know, I’ve recently been in a discussion of the notion of what a false teacher is. I began with the most simple and naturally understood definition of the term: one who teaches that which is false. Oh, the horror that provoked! “But what does the Bible say about it?” was the host’s first move of his two-step. What fun I had.

    On a side note, I’m curious as to one aspect of your post.

    “Perhaps they could share their church budgets with us and show us how much they give out of their own pockets to the poor, even as their denominations keep shrinking…”

    Are you referring to the pastors of these church’s (the Curries and wallises) or the churches they head? I ask because it has always been my position that money tithed to the church is God’s and all donations for the purpose of charity is what is given beyond that. If we’re talking about a small or shrinking church, any funds must be used for the maintaining of the church, its grounds, its employees (from the pastor to the caretakers) as well as the unexpected. At what point any surplus is great enough to allow for other uses of the money is arbitrary and subjective according to the best determination of whatever group of people have the authority to say. Bottom line for me is that it ain’t for the church to aid the poor. It’s up to the people. If the church encourages supporting a cause, it should not be out of tithe money, but out of additional donations expressly for the purpose. It should not be mixed and congregants should never feel their obligations toward the needy are satisfied by giving dropping a few bucks in the basket on Sunday.

    Sorry for the tangent. If you were referring to those like Currie and Wallis, ignore the above.


    1. Good question, Marshall. I should have been more detailed. I was thinking of both. These pastors should show evidence of how they encourage their congregations to give joyfully — whether through the church or direct donations — to accomplish their social re-engineering, as well as how successful they are. They usually reply with the “we’re too small blah blah blah” but that is just more evidence of their lack of faith in the one true God.


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