Looks like someone finally read that bill

Obamacare declared unconstitutional — Excerpts From Judge Vinson Obamacare Ruling | RedState.

This isn’t over, of course, but it is an encouraging sign.  I wonder how long it will take to get to the Supreme Court?  I wonder why Congress didn’t anticipate this?  It isn’t like they weren’t warned.

One thought on “Looks like someone finally read that bill”

  1. Haemet is down; since I can’t rant there, I’m ranting here!

    Congress absolutely did anticipate a legal challenge to this. It assumed that the courts would give a very expansive reading to the Commerce Clause*, following Raich and Wickard. The Supreme Court has almost never voided a law for not being within the enumerated powers of Congress, so the Pelosi/Reid people probably thought that it wouldn’t happen.

    Also, they assumed – wrongly, because benefits don’t kick in until 2014 – that ObamaCare would be too entrenched (or too popular), so that the Supreme Court wouldn’t dare touch it. But ObamaCare is not Medicare; it is neither popular nor something that people have paid into and depend on. The liberals bought the media’s spin – that this is just about a tiny minority of whack job conservatives who oppose this. Turns out, everyone hates it – especially as our economy keeps going downhill, European countries with socialised medicine are going bankrupt, we learn what’s in it, and the benefits aren’t scheduled to arrive until 2014. The waivers have started, however, costs are still going up (even though the government answered the calls to “do something!”), people understand that if they like their plan, they can’t keep it, and they see how this is costing us. That’s the opening for the Supreme Court – or any judge – to rule it unconstitutional.

    Speaking of 2014, the Dems needed to sell this as “budget neutral” in order to succeed. What they couldn’t do is to give 10 years of benefits for 10 years of revenue (Neil, you’re an accountant, you know how wrong this is), so they scheduled benefits to start in 2014. That’s our opportunity.

    *which states that Congress may regulate commerce between Indian tribes and the US, amongst the several states, and with foreign nations. I think that any sane reading of the three of those together in once sentence shows you the limits on Congressional power to regulate interstate commerce.


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