Brian McLaren, false teacher

A popular false teacher whom I’ve wanted to write about is Brian McLaren.  Now that one-stop-shopping-politics-disguised-as-religion-false-teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie is taking a break I can highlight some other fakes.

Here is McLaren on violence and his indictment of God and obvious dismissal of the original writings of the Bible not being from God in any meaningful way:

Let’s define violence simply: force with the intent of inflicting injury, damage, or death. I think believers in God have four primary responses to the question of God’s violence defined in this way:

1. God is violent, and since we human beings are made in God’s image, we’re free to use violence as one valid form of political communication (to borrow a famous phrase from Carl von Clausewitz), and in fact we are commanded to use it in some cases.

2. God is violent, but in a holy way that sinful humans are incapable of. That’s why violence is generally prohibited for humans except in certain limited cases. In those cases, only those designated as God’s chosen/elect/ordained, acting under God’s explicit direction, are justified in using violence.

3. God is not violent, so human violence is always a violation of our creation in God’s image — both for the perpetrator and the victim. If it is ever employed, it is always tragic and regrettable, never justified.

4. God is not violent, so violence in any form is absolutely forbidden, no exceptions.

via What Does Violence in the Bible Tell Us About God? – Brian McLaren – God’s Politics Blog.

Pure pacifism is a moral evil.  It is good and noble to protect others, and sometimes that requires violence.  McLaren & Co. and their false gods should be honest and quit parading as Christians.

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