Steve Jobs, Big Brother

See From Iconic to Ironic – Steve Jobs Transformation into Big Brother | NOM Blog.

Apparently Apple Computers “got the memo” that it is “OK” to discriminate against Christians. Leading that charge is their Chairman/CEO Steve Jobs. Despite one of the highest positive ratings available (4+), Apple pulled an app developed by the Manhattan Declaration—a group of 500,000 Christians who have publicly declared their support for traditional marriage, life and religious liberty—from their iTunes store.

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What’s offensive is the action of Steve Jobs. Jobs allows applications in support of gay marriage and abortion. Planned Parenthood has an app, so do several gay marriage groups. There’s an app to sign petitions to repeal Proposition 8 in California. And there is even an app coming to allow gay marriage backers to “report” priests and pastors who preach about the sanctity of marriage!

3 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, Big Brother”

  1. This is why I have boycotted Apple since the days of my Macintosh Plus. I find it odd that so many prominent Christians and even good evangelical universities like them so much. It’s expensive and closed-source. I like cheap, non-proprietary, open-source stuff.


    1. It is their prerogative regarding closed vs. open sourcing. I think they shot themselves in the foot with that. I went to Compaq in 1988 after using a Mac at Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young) and thought I had stepped back in time. I couldn’t believe how much worse PCs were. But Gates “borrowed” enough over the years to make PCs adequate and Apple (much to Compaq’s benefit) was too pricey and closed-source.


  2. Maybe Jobs is a homosexual still in the closet. Maybe he is related to a homosexual or is close friends with one and like so many, bases his position on what nice guys they seem to be. Maybe he’s just another leftist schmuck who supports the agenda because it seems the right way to be without doing any real study of the issue. Maybe he’s just another wacky atheist Christophobe in need of our prayers. Maybe, and this is really scary, Joey “Plugs” Biden is actually right and our slide into moral corruption is inevitable. Of course, as such people are doing their damndest to insure such a slide, our prayers for them must be more regular as our efforts must be more firm and vocal.


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