Dhimmitude Attitude: Minnesota Head Start Caves to Santa Hating Muslim Somalis – I’m not a Santa fan, but this is ridiculous.  Anyone entering this country – or currently living here, for that matter – needs to be told that there is no Constitutional right to never be offended.

If things go wrong in a relationship, who is to blame? – You!  Just kidding . . . maybe.  Go read this provocative piece by the Wintery Knight.

My basic contention is that whenever something goes wrong in a relationship, then the person whose expectations are dashed is to blame.

The reason why I think this is because you have to take people as you find them and then vet them as if they were job applicants applying for the job of marriage. The job of marriage has very specific requirements, and these requirements are objective. Someone is going to have to raise the kids, someone is going to have to cook the meals, someone is going to have to earn the bulk of the money, someone is going to have to deal with the beasties that invade the home. The goal of the relationship is not to test the person to see if they are “fun” or whether your friends are envious. The goal of the relationship is to test the person for the role they will play in the marriage.

. . .

In short, the problem is this: women go to the pet store, pass by all the dogs and cats and bird, and bring home a trendy and attractive alligator, who then promptly bites each of their limbs off. And then the women complain that the alligator is very unfair and immoral. Who is really to blame here? The alligator, who is just doing what comes naturally for alligators, or the woman who passed the good pets by and brought home a monster?

Eighteen peer-reviewed scientific publications that support intelligent design – that must be a typo, because everyone knows that those documents can’t exist.

UAW’s Announces 2011 Goals: Target Foreign-Owned Auto Plants – their agenda worked so well for the domestic auto makers and their union members.  What could possibly go wrong?

NLRB Plans to Promote Union Organizing Among Private Employers – great, as if they hadn’t caused enough destruction already.  The ills of unions are beginning to manifest themselves and it will be very, very painful.

Party of Sodomy and Abortion Suffers Demographic Decline — Unexpectedly!

The Ladies of the View Owe Bill O’Reilly an Apology – 40% want Sharia law and . . .

Around a third of young British Muslims favour killing in the name of Islam, according to a survey revealed by the WikiLeaks’ publication of U.S. diplomatic cables.

A survey of 600 Muslim students at 30 universities throughout Britain found that 32 per cent of Muslim respondents believed killing in the name of religion is justified.

Religion of peace?  Uh, sure.  An equally valid path to God?  Nope.

Also see Why do feminists ignore the plight of women under Islam?

From RedState – even if the Left wants to blame Bush (ignoring, of course, the 2007-2008 Democrat controlled Congress and Frank & Co.’s financial ineptitude), then you’d think that after spending over a trillion dollars that things might have improved a bit more.

You can really feel the love from these pro-gay groups.  How quaint that they scripted the little kids to swear and hate as well.

Perfect 14 second slam on the pro-abort / anti-meat / anti-Palin Left.   Hat tip: Hillbuzz


9 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I’m not a big fan of Santa Claus either. In fact, there is NOTHING in the Bible concerning Santa Claus. So … how can they say that Santa Claus is Christian? He is not Christian… even though Christians support him every where. He really has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity.


    1. I’d have to say I’m not a big fan of Santa, either. As far as I know, he’s a pagan myth and a symbol of conspicuous consumption. I’ve watched around 7 Christmas movies in the last week, and not a single one of them mentioned Christ. According to Hollywood, the spirit of Christmas is all about giving and kindness and all of that. You know, Christ-like stuff, on Christ’s birthday.


  2. I’m not real militant about it, but I try to ignore all Santa-related stuff and I detest when churches bring in Santa (sort of like HP inviting Dell to a sales call).

    I am very proud that my daughters — without pressure from me — are anti-Santa. Yea!


  3. I’m mostly neutral on Santa. I think, if the parents are responsible (a common and maybe not so certain caveat…haha), children will learn the true meaning of Christmas.

    For non-Christian families I think it gives a good character base and opens a door to the giving attitude that Christians should represent. I’m certainly not saying God needs Santa to reach non-Christians, only that enough moral parallels exist to make it work to that end more than the opposite.

    In other words, God isn’t going to let the notion of Santa derail his plan…I actually believe it can, in many ways, further it for people who may not be initially open to Christ (remember, to many, the name of Christ offends…Santa mostly doesn’t).

    Note that I am referring to a secular benefit and not advocating that Christians or, more specifically, churches promote Santa as an alternate path to Christ. I fully agree that it’s an extra-biblical distraction from what Christmas really is.

    To me, churches promoting Santa for such means is akin to these mega churches that spend more time promoting their coffee bars and video game nights than the Word of God. Nothing wrong with any of those things, but when they trump Christ and God’s Word, then they do more harm than good. So in that vein, I fully agree that Santa in the church can do more harm than good.

    Anyway, the short version is I think Santa is harmless.

    On an unrelated topic, that Sarah Palin news spoof literally made me spit out my water.:)


    1. I tend to agree. We always downplayed or ignored the Santa thing. The kids always knew it was a fake. The only good use was to leave a “Santa” gift out in the game room when the kids were little that they could open before we got up. It was usually a video or something that would keep them occupied (a brilliant idea on my wife’s part).

      On a practical side, why would I want to give credit to someone else for gifts I bought my kids?!

      I bite my tongue when I hear parents use the Santa thing as a discipline strategy (“Santa won’t come blah blah blah”). Really? That’s the best parenting they’ve got? If Santa didn’t exist how would they get their kids to behave?

      On an unrelated topic, that Sarah Palin news spoof literally made me spit out my water.:)

      By reading anything on this blog the party in question waives all rights to compensation for keyboard damage.


      1. I agree Santa has no place in church…I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it with my kids, but my husband thought it was harmless inasmuch as we always downplayed the materialistic side and focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Turned out he was right. Our youngest is 5; she is the only one who really believes in Santa (I think the 7-year-old just goes along with the gag), but I can tell you she gets MUCH more excited about Jesus than she does about Santa. It’s all in where the parents put the emphasis.

        Our pastor and his wife did pretty much the same thing when their girls were little – Santa was just sort of the “Christmas clown” and delegated to a sidebar role; Christ was kept central. We find that having done it that way, what Santa leaves on Christmas morning is just icing on the cake. My kids LOVE going to the Dollar Store and picking out presents for one another with their own money, “for Jesus’ birthday.” If you make Santa the central figure and go overboard on presents, that’s what the kids will pick up. Keep it about Christ, and that’s where their focus will be.

        The week before Christmas, our pastor mentioned in a sermon how nubiblical and antithecal to the Gospel the words to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” are, and how wrong it is to perpetuate the myth that “good people” get gifts, and if you’re “bad” then “Santa” won’t come. My husband and I turned and looked at each other…we had just used that exact threat with our younges, in the car on the way to church, in a moment of exasperation. 🙂

        By the time you get to the fourth one, you’re tired and less idealistic than you were as new parents. We messed up. 😉


  4. Someone sent me a link to that video by homosexual activists a while back, asking what I thought about it. I think it is abhorrent. For all they whining from the “gay” movement about “hate,” I have yet to see anything (other than false teacher Fred Phelps) from those against sanctioning homosexual behavior that even come close to the hate spewed on this video. It an anti-homosexual organization were to make something like this against “gays”, there would be an uproar like you wouldn’t believe!


    1. So true. Their venom and hatred is astounding. It is like a bizarre self parody: “Hate is really bad, so we’re going to hate on you.” The double irony is that they hated to begin with while we didn’t, then they hate some more as part of their disinformation campaign.


  5. We decided from the beginning that we would not lie to our kids about Santa, especially because we knew they’d be hearing about him from other kids and at school, etc. We told them the story, and we had fun playing with the whole idea the same way we played with other fairy tales (tooth fairy, too). We’d joke about what Santa brought, but they always knew who gave them the gifts. My wife’s grandfather had a hissy fit when he found out because he said we were stealing a part of the childhood experience from out children. We said Christmas was for celebrating the birth of Christ and not a fairy tale. That didn’t se well at all. Oh, well.


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