A lot of people would like to have your problems. And mine.

A friend was once mentioning some problems with a house he was building, then caught himself and said, “A lot of people would like to have my problems.”  He meant it in a humble “maybe I should stop whining” way.

I often recall that when I start to grumble about things that aren’t that important – such as, hypothetically, a dishwasher that appears to be broken only it turns out it wasn’t but in the mean time you wasted hours trying to buy a new one and cracked the copper tube while investigating it so you had to fix that and spent waaaaay too much time on the whole thing.  Being blessed to have a dishwasher, dishes to put in it, food to put on the dishes, a house to put it all in, and so much more should put me in a constant state of gratitude.

So we should all remember that on most days there are about 6.5 billion people who would love to trade places with us.

P.S. Little known fact: Home builders pour a foundation, then set a dishwasher down, then build the house around it.  At least that’s what it seems like when you go to pull one out.

7 thoughts on “A lot of people would like to have your problems. And mine.”

  1. You once said (don’t ask me how I remember this) that it’s not fun to be around you when plumbing is involved. 🙂

    I don’t have a dishwasher – I scrub, use loads of hot water, and put them into my dish drain. Then I give thanks for IKEA and Target (those big, evil, rich corporations) for helping to bring low-cost consumer goods to me, which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.


  2. I am very grateful to have a dishwasher again after a few years of not having one. Dishes stack up in our house since it is the least favorite chore for both my husband and I.


  3. When I was a kid, I’d stand in front of the sink washing dishes. I read the sign posted above the sink I don’t know how many thousands of times. It read: “Thank God for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell. While others may go hungry, we’re eating very well. With home and health and happiness, I shouldn’t want to fuss. For by the stack of evidence, God’s been good to us.”

    You’re right, lots of people would love to have our problems.

    My son was born with a cataract in one eye and required 5 surguries and still wears a patch every day. It’s horrible. But all it takes is one trip to the Chrildren’s Hospital at the University of Michigan to get out of that funk. Kids is permanent wheel chairs, kids with trach tubes and cancer, kids who can’t run and play.

    Yeah, I agree, our problems are minor compared to others’.


  4. P.S. Little known fact: Home builders pour a foundation, then set a dishwasher down, then build the house around it.

    😆 That almost made me spew coffee on my keyboard. Funny.

    We are a well blessed nation and we do take plenty for granted. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful in all things. The hardest things to be thankful for sometimes are the trials we go through. God brings us through those to help us to focus on His provision and teach us to walk by faith rather than by sight.

    Mik, I like that sign’s message. I may put it above our sink. 😉


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