Media bias manifests itself in many ways

Here’s an example where the media can get a story largely right but still exert their bias with a misleading headline.  See More Palin Bashing: How CNN Misleads With Headlines : Stop The ACLU.

CNN indulged a classic left media tactic by misleading with a headline in a recent piece on former Governor Sarah Palin. The headline, if read by itself, seems to be saying that Sarah Palin delivered a “gaffe-filled message,” when the truth is that her message talked about gaffes, but wasn’t “filled” with them per se. The effect was that the headline made Palin look worse than the story itself did. If all one read was the headline, one would get a far different opinion of what was going on than if one read the story that went with it.

On Nov. 26, CNN delivered this headline on its Political Ticker blog: Palin delivers a gaffe-filled message.

Think about that headline. Doesn’t it say to you that Palin delivered a bunch of gaffes in her message? If all you did was read that headline, you’d think she made a fool of herself with all sorts of incorrect statements in it. One suspects that CNN fully realized this fact.


3 thoughts on “Media bias manifests itself in many ways”

  1. This reminds me of the Pravda story on the outcome of an olympics game consisting of only two contestants: a Russian and an American. It reported that the Russian came in second and the American came in next to last.


  2. I find bias in media particularly interesting.

    I live in a region where CNN is on channel 55 and FOX News is on channel 54. It was always profoundly disturbing to me that one seeking information from self-professed “objective,” “fair” and “balanced” news sources could so easily see vastly conflicting world views by simply pushing up or down one time on their TV remote.

    Those who find this topic interesting as well might consider the work of Noam Chomsky, specifically on the topics of Manufacturing Consent and Meaningful Democracy.


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