Another NCC self-parody

See Fighting Poverty With Faith Mobilization Concludes with Capitol Hill Briefing by false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.

The National Council of Churches (NCC) calls this “Fighting Poverty with Faith,” but virtually all their actions are political.  It is like saying, “I’m going to show my faith in God by appealing to Caesar.”

This effort is too large for any single church or religion, which is why the member communions of the National Council of Churches are so pleased to join with the Jewish Council on Public Affairs and Catholic Charities in Fighting Poverty with Faith.

Note how weak their faith is: Their “god” (apparently not the one of the Bible) is so impotent that they need other religions to help out.

If they really wanted to help, they’d go teach Junior Achievement classes.

Or they’d just encourage kids to finish high school and not have sex before marriage.  If you do that you are very, very unlikely to end up poor.  But the fakes are too busy pushing Planned Parenthood-style “have sex whenever you are ready — and you get to decide when you are ready!” programs.

Does anyone know where the NCC funding breakout is?  My understanding is that as churches give less they have turned to Liberal political groups for funding, sort of like pro-abortion atheist George Soros helps fund false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis.

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