Fire the media — Seriously.  Great analysis of how we got where we are from the American Spectator.

Scientific dogma — Dogma isn’t just for non-Liberals.  Read this excellent analysis of how dogma is driving the climate change debate and costing us billions of dollars.

And further down in her post she gives some examples of what we should expect if climate science were not plagued by the sort of dogmatic beliefs that are elsewhere decried (and rightly so) as being anti-scientific.

“Well, lets try this. In 2010, lets assume that there are very very few climate scientists left that regard the IPCC as dogma. What might this look like?

  • no petitions signed by members of the IPCC or national academy members
  • Nature and Science not writing op-eds that decry “deniers”
  • no climate scientists writing op-eds that decry the “deniers”
  • no climate scientists talking about “consensus” as an argument against disagreement (argumentum ad populam, h/t Nullius in Verba)
  • IPCC scientists debating skeptics about the science
  • climate scientists stop talking about cap and trade and UNFCCC policies because the science demands that we do this
  • no more professional society statements supporting the IPCC”

Also see This must be the best laugh of the week for climate skeptics

The results of a survey carried out among readers of the frantically Warmist “Scientific American” are now available.

It must have nearly choked them to publish the results. It’s a wonder they didn’t “fudge” the results, in fact. Fudging results is standard operating procedure for Warmists. See HERE or HERE for instance

Go Here to see all.

Talk about a propaganda fail! And this was among a readership that would have been highly literate scientifically.

Top Ten Countdown: Reasons Why People Vote Democrat — I would have left off #1, but the rest are accurate.

Superior overview of the Bible and homosexuality by John MacArthur.  Save the link. (Hat tip: Mark)

QUESTION: Has changed your opinions on the gay community? – interesting thread with lots of interesting comments.  They don’t read the Lefty script like most gays do, so they have done a lot to tick off the establishment.  Good for them.

Great send up of a popular bumper sticker (hat tip: Glenn)

Why yes, Mr. President, if unemployment was 5% then we would have had more confidence in your policies choices.  But it isn’t 5%, because they didn’t work, so we don’t have confidence in them!

This is important.

Funny Pictures - Cat Diary

7 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I love the Coexist explanation. It shows the real problem of those who put it on the bumper. They don’t exist or coexist in the real world. I’m thinking too much pot. But that is just my assumption.


  2. Love the dog and cat diary…literally laughed to tears.

    I appreciate your Hillbuzz updates They are a refreshing site that welcomes opposing views and speaks candidly (much to the chagrin of the left) on so many issues. I keep meaning to bookmark their site (finally did it this time) as I’m always reminded of it here.

    Nice roundup Neil!


  3. Oh, I LOVE that “Coexist” rebuttal!! Y’all have no idea!! I see that stupid sticker on every second car in the Greater Boston Area. I seriously wish I had the nerve to re-post on Facebook, but then all my liberal/Unitarian highschool classmates would unfriend me. ):


    1. Ha! I haven’t had too many unfriend me, but I’m pretty sure a bunch of them hide me because of my blog feed into Facebook (uh, just like I hide many of my FB friends . . . shhhhh!).


  4. One wonders whether Islamists would be nearly as happy with that logo if it began with any other of the letters besides “C”.

    And notice how subtly they think they’ve humiliated the “T”, and yet, for us, we simply recognize that “T” represents the final word, not just the last in line.


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