Dear Republicans: Nice tsunami! Don’t mess it up.

See The Morning Briefing: The Tsunami | RedState for a laundry list of the massive wins for the GOP.

Hopefully the Republicans have learned their lessons.

  • As one writer so eloquently put it, Republicans didn’t win because voters decided that they were super awesome.  They voted for them because they sucked less than the Democratic party.  Don’t forget that.
  • Pro-lifers can win!  See Florida Pro-Life Senate Candidate Rubio Defeats Pro-Abortion Crist.  Hey, since Rubio is Hispanic doesn’t that mean his opponents were racist?  At least that’s the logic Democrats use if you oppose their minority candidates.
  • Don’t support RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Crist, Murkowski and Specter.  I don’t care how many times they’ve been elected.  Not only do they not help you, they’ll turn on you every time.  Tea Party / Conservative principles can win.  Just watch how they switch parties — with your money! — after they lose primaries.
  • Tea Party candidates are viable.  They resonate with what people know to be true.
  • Even if Christine O’Donnell lost I’m still glad she won the Republican nomination.  Principles count.
  • Do what you say you are going to do.  Don’t let the media tell you it will be unpopular.
  • Never stop educating people on basic economic principles.

More good news.  I just met someone who left California and couldn’t be happier.

  • In Arizona, South Carolina, Utah, and South Dakota, the People said screw you, Card Check, and made sure that the secret ballot would remain regarding unionization
  • Oklahoma has banned Sharia Law
  • Arizona voted against ObamaCare insurance mandate 55-45%
  • Kansas voted for the Right to Bear arms
  • Oklahoma voted against ObamaCare mandate
  • Bye Bye, Nutty Alan Grayson
  • California voted against Prop 23, which would suspend their insane globull warming legislation. Now they can watch their economy collapse even further, as 3,000 people a day move from the State

9 thoughts on “Dear Republicans: Nice tsunami! Don’t mess it up.”

  1. I have an honest question: Isn’t term limits part of what the TP stands for and, if so, do you expect that any of these TP folk will step down willingly? If they don’t, will you think that they’ve abandoned part of the reason they were elected?



    1. I’m not familiar with the official TP stand on term limits, but if an individual campaigns as a supporter of term limits then it would be hypocritical of him not to abide by them.


    2. Dan – isn’t it a bit early to be asking that question, sort of like asking an opinion on colonising the moon after the launch of a monkey into space?


  2. Regarding the RINO’s, we in SC kicked out Bob Inglis who bought into the global warming idea. And we (hopefully) have Lindsey “I’ve never met a compromise I didn’t like” Graham shaking in his boots.


  3. We have 3 counties in DE. The majority voted for O’Donnell in both Kent & Sussex counties. The problem is New Castle county which is heavier populated and more liberal than the other two.


  4. The California news if very sad. While I like to say I’m more Texan than my Texan wife, and I’m coming to enjoy Illinois (we dumped Alexis for Kirk), I’m really still a Californian at heart and would love to live in that state again someday.

    But with their continued descent into self-destruction at the hands of marxist ideologues and their unwitting and increasingly moronic stooges, I fear that day may never come.


  5. The “Obama” and “Kennedy” seats are now in Republican hands. YAY!!!!!

    That aside: awesome post title. As Marco Rubio said, we are getting a second chance, not a mandate to do whatever we want. The Dems who won ran against Obama, so my guess is that many of them could easily be persuaded to join the anti-Obama agenda. We need to pass smart legislation with big majorities, and let Obama do what he will with it. He’s too ideological to approve things with which he does not agree, so we can make him the President of No, and set ourselves up for more electoral slaughter in 2012.


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