False teacher’s religious values don’t apply to human beings in the womb

In “Jesus healed the sick, you can stop the cause,” false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer-funded abortions but hypocritically zmentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts, really outdoes himself and his fellow pro-aborts.

While parading their religiosity in opposing chemicals, he lists some alleged religious values.  Not how their extreme pro-abortion views mock each of these.

Our Shared Call: Four Religious Values

The world’s faith traditions share values which serve as a foundation for ethical decision-making regarding toxic chemicals.  Four core values shared by the world’s great traditions are as follows:

All life is to be respected.

All life except unborn life, that is.  The unborn are human beings from conception.  Abortion kills them.

People of faith must ensure that air, water, and land – which belong to the Divine – sustain life on Earth.

The unborn are on earth.  They also belong to the divine.  But Chuck & Co. think it is OK to crush and dismember them.  Heck, they don’t even see the need for anesthetic, regardless of when the abortions are performed.  His hero, President Obama, even thinks you can kill them outside the womb if the abortion fails.

Society owes justice and care to its most vulnerable people and communities, and to future generations

Who is more vulnerable than a baby fighting for her life in her mother’s womb?  Why won’t Chuck protect her?

And what could be a more obvious impact to future generations than killing them?

Our faith traditions call us to protect and promote the health of the human body.

Does this look like it promotes health to you?

False teachers like this are the worst of hypocrites.  4,000 human beings were destroyed in the U.S. alone today, with Chuck’s blessing and the blessing of his peers.  That’s just sick.

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