Better news coverage through blogging

One of things I love about blogs and my Google blog reader page is that it is like getting a custom newspaper where you can actually trust the columnists.  With normal media the bias is astounding, not just in slanting what they report but in what they don’t report at all.  They did their best to mock Christine O’Donnell over her accurate statements about what the 1st Amendment actually says, but they completely ignored the countless people on the Left who were so eager to criticize Sarah Palin that they didn’t realize that here 1773 reference was tied to the date of the Boston Tea Party instead of the Declaration of Independence.

But it isn’t just that the mainstream media is wildly and notoriously biased, but that they are so error-filled as well.

When I was the controller of the Portable Division at Compaq there was an article in the Houston Chronicle about one of our new products.  There were so many errors – none significant, but it just showed how sloppy the journalism was.  An article about a ballet performance of the girls was equally error filled.  There have been many examples of this.

And with the Liberal media being 90+% wildly pro-abortion and 18-1 negative on Sarah Palin, for example, how could you hope to make informed decisions on controversial topic if you only consumed their views?

Sloppiness + rampant bias = massive train wreck.

Yet with blogging you can get perspectives and news from across the spectrum.  You can figure out over time who is reliable and who corrects any errors they make.  It results in you being much, much better informed and confident in what you are reading.

But you already knew that, right?  You’re a blog reader!

One thought on “Better news coverage through blogging”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Great post and so true. I was in journalism for three years after college, and it was so difficult to cover stories with any detail because the implication is that the journalists has to become an instant expert on the subject the first time he or she covers it. That is hardly possible. I found my niche by become the religion writer, which had gone neglected for a number of years. When I was confronted with covering a cult for the first time, I really worried about what to write. After all, I didn’t want to promote what they said, or slam them needlessly. The answer? Simply write about what they said they believed. I got both praise from the cultist as well as those in my church who were glad I reported what it was they believed, thereby exposing them for who they were.

    If more reporters would just stick to reporting the facts of the story, they would be better off, and so would their industry.


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