Double bad news: Obamacare causes Scranton hospitals to close (where will the employees of The Office go now?!) and more importantly, was this another case of thuggery by the Obama administration to silence yet another dissenter?  Free speech?  What’s that?

Notice that he said ObamaCare was “absolutely” related to the desire to sell now.

But within 48 hours the same CEO had released two new statements, one omitting any reference to ObamaCare and a second claiming his videotaped words had somehow been taken out of context.

More than a litter bit of difference – Uh, if the Greens are on the Left why was there so much litter after their big D.C. event and so little after the conservative one?

Racist-in-chief tells crowd that Republicans are “counting on black folks staying home” on Nov. 2.  Oh, what a uniter!  I’m all tingly.  Seriously, he says things like that and thinks Tea Partiers are the racists?

Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama’s failures on race – Yea!  One of the brothers at the Kairos prison ministry weekend I just finished confided to me that he opposes Obama and thinks it is terrible that so many people rely on the government to take care of them.  He can’t wait to get out and work hard.  Oh, and he’s black.  And he had no idea of what my political views were.  Good for him!

Handwriting on the wall for churches who “discriminate” — if you are the lukewarm type, you may want to find a new religion now.  (Side note: Why don’t the mainline religions swap the Bible-believers for non-Bible believers?  After all, why quibble about denominational differences if you can’t even agree that Jesus is God, He’s the only way to salvation, etc.)

The Porn Nation – good write-up by Dan.

So it isn’t just about a woman’s “right to her body” after all.  It is the right to kill unwanted children wherever they are.  See Choice Unmasked.

When a B.C. couple discovered that the fetus their surrogate mother was carrying was likely to be born with Down syndrome, they wanted an abortion. The surrogate, however, was determined to take the pregnancy to term, sparking a disagreement that has raised thorny questions about the increasingly common arrangements.

Joyce Meyer – Another teacher to avoid – Good analysis by Glenn.  Man, that must have been painful to read all that!

QUESTION: What do you think about making “eliminating the Department of Education” a 2012 election issue? – I love it.

Amazing – ABC does fluff piece about how peaceful, moderate Muslims are the first line of defense against terrorists.  Two problems:

  1. That is ludicrous.
  2. Their “moderate” Muslim was anything but.

Nice investigation, guys.  So sad that many people actually consider you a news organization and don’t consume any conservative views.

Hat tip: James White

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Sounds like in Scranton the obamanites exerted some pressure! Porn Nation – Exactly my sentiments; the nation is crumbling from within due to immorality and the desensitizing of it through porn. And I agree with making the elimination of the Dept of De-Education an issue. Carter’s payoff to the NEA needs to be put in the trashbin.


  2. ObamaCare is leaving quite a lot of destruction in its wake – insurers who depart the business, businesses that stop offering insurance to people, the elderly who struggle with Medicare cuts, and, of course, hospital closings and layoffs. Just today, UMass’s Medical Centre announced that it was laying off over 1,000 people; thinly-veiled reason was that it’s due to ObamaCare.

    The “Choice, Unmasked” article was really horrifying. What was strange was that this was described as a “thorny” issue. Um, no, it’s not thorny. Leaving aside the problems with surrogacy, you do not get to decide to kill your child when she does not turn out exactly as planned; you especially do not get to force another human, whose womb protects that lovely baby, to be a partner to the murder.


  3. Re Unmasked

    This appears to be analogous to another “surrogate” relationship; like when people make government their surrogate god, and then that god doesn’t agree to their contrived morals.


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