False teachers and bad politicians cause poverty then pretend they can reduce it

False teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie‘s text made about as much sense as the blog title: The Rev. Chuck Currie: President’s Leadership Needed To Cut Poverty By 50% Over Ten Years #poverty @fpwf.

We are fortunate to have in the White House a president who once worked as a community organizer – a job that had him working in neighborhoods and churches to fight poverty at the local level.  Perhaps no president in modern times has such intimate knowledge or obvious commitment to this issue.  It is also clear that the White House staff shares the president’s deep concern about poverty.

Uh, you call that fortunate?  I think it is rather unfortunate that the President’s top job before becoming a Senator was being a community organizer.  What business did he ever run or even work in?  Does he know how real jobs are created or sustained?

Theological Liberals like Chuck can’t even get the basics of Christianity right or even run a successful Liberal church in a Liberal denomination in a Liberal town. And Liberals fail at economics.  But he thinks we should listen to his economic ideas?  Yeah, we’ll get right on that.

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