From Americans for Truth about Homosexuality about “Ann Coulter’s recent speech at ‘HomoCon,’ an event put on by the homosexual Republican group ‘GOProud.’”  Ann had been criticized for speaking to them, but good for her for speaking the truth.

I didn’t see a full text of Ann Coulter’s GOProud speech, but good for her for nailing the fraudulent case for oxymoronic “gay marriage” and homosexuality as a “civil right” with a couple of catchy one-liners. From Politico’s Ben Smith, who attended the event:

In fact, despite opening her speech with a joke about the difficulty of “coming out” as a fiscal conservative to one’s parents — something she congratulated the attendees on — Coulter’s speech to GOProud mystifyingly focused on social issues and not the fiscal and foreign policy issues that brought most of the attendees there. For instance, she told GOProud that the conservative gay rights movement ought to make common cause with the anti-abortion movement because, she said, “as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who’s getting aborted.”

I’ve made the point about abortion and gays many times.  Pro-lifers would oppose killing human beings in the womb because they were “gay” or potentially gay (there is no “gay gene;” this is just a hypothetical).

Coulter’s jokes Saturday riffed on the theme that GOProud doesn’t make same-sex marriage central to its appeal; it considers, Barron says, national security and the economy more important.

Marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” Coulter said to nervous laughter. She went on to note that gays are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the country.

“Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?’”

Coulter also made a forceful case against sex education in schools, accusing liberals of attempting to teach kindergartners about “fisting” (which garnered her a heckler, who shouted out “What’s wrong with fisting?”) and told the crowd that most parents didn’t want their children learning about the “homosexual lifestyle” instead of reading and writing.  Did I read that right? “What’s wrong with fisting”?!

Some additional quotes from one of the articles referenced:

According to the leftwing website, she complimented the Christian audiences before whom she speaks by telling these homosexuals that the people who get her “gay jokes are gays.” Christians get them, she hinted, but “out of sweetness they don’t laugh at the gay jokes.” Alas, she was suggesting, if only Christians were as mean-spirited as everyone says they are! I have to leave my gay jokes in the green room because those Christians are just too darned civil and courteous and kind!

As Gen. Colin Powell himself said, the comparison between homosexual behavior and race is “convenient but invalid.” People are born black, but they are not born gay. And many people who enter the homosexual lifestyle later leave it. So there are plenty of ex-gays, but you will never meet an ex-black.

If you own a cookie business, should you be allowed to turn down business that would involve decorating cookies with pro-gay propaganda designed to encourage students to explore homosexuality?  The gay groups think you should be required by law to make them. (Warning: Link has an image of a disgraceful twisting of the Iwo Jima flag raising picture.)

Great messages to pastors: Don’t sacrifice your family for church planting (or anything else, for that matter).  Yes, we should be very active in doing things to advance God’s kingdom.  But I’ve heard of too many families destroyed because people neglected their responsibilities at home to do outside charity work.  That isn’t the plan, people.

MOST DISTURBING THING YOU WILL EVER SEE: Cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming has new ad that murders people who don’t subscribe to AGW hysteria – OK, it’s not the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen or even in the top 10, but it is very creepy.  AGW is a hoax, people!  And even if it wasn’t these people are scary.

Curbside recycling is overrated. Don’t pay for it.  (I still take my newspapers to a local school to recycle them . . . might be a waste of time but I’ve been doing it since I was 9).

Restoring Honor vs. One Nation: The Animated Gif

Remember, the organizers were claiming they definitely had more people. In fact, they announced it from the stage and it was repeated by hundreds of liberal web sites like Crooks and Liars.

Who you going to believe, them or your lying eyes?

And don’t miss these images of the trash left by the Tea Party groups vs. the Leftist groups.  Not. Even. Close.

The Lefty protest in D.C. was mainly bussed-in Astroturfers paid for by the unions and these Socialists.  Lovely. Why were false teachers like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and the UCC, which likes to be represented by race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, sponsors of the event?  This thing was as far removed from authentic Christianity as you could imagine, what with groups like Planned Parenthood and countless Socialist / Communist groups participating.

Note that these aren’t fringe groups, either.  If that were the case it wouldn’t be fair to judge the gathering based on that, just as the Tea Partiers shouldn’t be judged based on extremists who show up there.  It is the core of these Lefty groups that is the problem.

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  1. Regarding the One Nation Rally. I watched some of it live in the am. The crowd was much much heavier than the picture you’ve posted. All those grassy areas were full of people. The picture you posted was later on in the afternoon. I noticed how the crowd had thinned when I tuned in for a second look later that day.


    1. My understanding is that both pics were taken at the same respective times (i.e, at the beginning of the rallies). I’m sure the Lefties have their aerial photo proof, eh?


      1. Couldn’t say. And I really don’t care one way or the other who had the largest crowd. I’m just trying to keep it honest.


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