Are you better off than you were 4 years ago when the Democrats took control of Congress? January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.  Before that the Democrats pushed for plans that would inevitably drive high foreclosure rates but they insulated the lenders from risk.  Horrible, horrible idea.  Bush tried to reform Fannie and Freddie and was blocked.  Who took the third highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac?  Barack Obama.

Remember, Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats “are prepared to govern and ready to lead.”  When did she say that?  November 8, 2006.

Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics, apologizes for creating jobs

Jr. High Students Take Field Trip to Mosque, Pressured into Praying to Allah — any major media coverage of this?  Any ACLU outrage?

An interesting piece by Pastor Timothy about Christianity and the Godfather.  A snippet:

The movie is a great example of what happens when sin goes unrestrained. You have every manner of sin being delved into by those who believe they live in a protected world due to the fact that Godfather Don Corleone has all the judges in his back pocket. That is how Michael can gun down one of the mob bosses and a police captain and get away with it. When you own those who are charged with keeping the law, then you can keep them from using the law against you.

The movie’s popularity is due to the fact that it does appeal to our sin nature. We want to be in control of the world in which we live and The Godfather shows us a world where the Don controls a good portion of his own world. Of course, he has to use intimidation, fear, the threat of having your favorite pet’s head severed and dumped in your bed over night, death, etc., in order to control that world. But wouldn’t we love to control our world in such a way?

Stunner: Congresswoman wheedles lobbyist for money – your tax dollars at work.  The audacity of her shakedown is bad enough, but I’m she was so bold / stupid as to leave it on a voicemail.  This is getting major coverage in the mainstream media, right?

Former-leftist Robin of Berkeley explains the left’s corruption of children – read it.

Communist atheist Mao Zedong killed 45 million people – It was really quite gruesome.  The numbers are staggering.  Ideas have consequences.  Wasn’t Mao a hero of one of Obama’s top advisors?

Black Conservatives Blast Al Sharpton Protesters – sweet.  Great ideas, but they disagree with Obama & Co. so they must be racists.  Seriously, she was well armed with facts about the impact of Democratic policies on nuclear families and the high rate of abortion in black communities.  The other guy played the “but they’ll be poor” argument to justify his pro-abortion views, which ignores the facts that the abortion kills an innocent human being and we don’t “solve” poverty by killing people inside the womb or outside.

funny pictures-And do not forget the special shampoo,  I think it's getting worse.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Yes, the argument: “but they will be poor, so let’s kill them now,” just seems to fall short. I saw that bumper sticker just the other day, “Prove Your Pro Life View, Be a Foster Parent.” OK, I will become a foster parent, will you stop abortion now?


    1. Good response, but I doubt they’ll comply. They love abortion too much.

      And of course, we don’t have to be a foster parents to prove our pro-life view. We just have to oppose murder. Done and done!

      And the bumper sticker owner fails to realize that his pro-choice view would compel him to do the same: “Prove your pro-choice view, be a foster parent for the children whose mothers chose life.”


    1. No, since the Dems took office I have gone from a 6% yearly raise to a 0-1% raise, and my wife took a 5% pay cut. So I guess I’m about .5% better, if money in the pocket is the criteria. So i guess I’m/we’re about 4.5% worse. Next year, however, scares the heck out of me from a tax standpoint.


      1. And don’t get me started on the 401k thing. But I’m mainly concerned with all those who are out of work. Very, very stressful and very, very preventable.


  2. Better off? mmmmmmm… No! and by a long shot. Why? I have lots less money in my pocket. On the upshot however, at least for me, is that I have less available for confiscation. I’m sure the “rich” line will be adjusted to take care of that soon though.


    I watched the video from “Run away slave”, albeit I saw it first at Timothy Matters. As I watched it I couldn’t help but to think of you; then I saw the H/T. I thought of you becasue you did a very helpful post recently where you showed how to counter the red herrings hurled at this woman. I can’t find it, but I bet you can.



  3. Also, on the video of children being taken to Mosques, the video was done by a liberal groupAmerican’s For Peace And Tolerance. Being liberal, of coarse in today’s discourse, is important because, being that it is impossible for liberals to be racists and bigots, that line of defending such activities is put on its heals… maybe?


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