Racist plays race card

See From Nelson Rockefeller To Carl P. Paladino, where race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie plays the race card.  Again.  He’s such a uniter and peacemaker!

I’ve already mentioned Paladino’s campaign pledge to send welfare recipients to jail (voluntarily, of course) to take “personal hygiene lessons.”

Yes, Chuck did mention that and he once again deliberately distorts it.  What would you expect from a false teaching, serial unrepentant liar?  If you read the whole article you’ll find that he didn’t propose putting them in jail, he propose using former jails.  Sounds like good asset utilization to me.  Using Chuck’s logic, if you housed them in a former church then the politician would be forcing them to go to church.  Once again Chuck is virtually indistinguishable from the worldly media.

And if these people are homeless — you know, the people Chuck pretends to care about when he isn’t running a failed church — wouldn’t it be great to give them a roof over their heads?  Chuck tips his hand again and shows that what he really wants to do is divide people and distort their views.  He has no interest in truth or really helping them.

Racists like Currie see race everywhere and reflexively play the race card while hypocritically pretending to want to unite people.  Of course, pro-abortion and pro-taxpayer-funded abortion Currie is the one advancing the policies that kill many blacks daily.  The ratio of abortions in the black community is 3x that of whites, which is outrageous.  But for Chuck it isn’t enough.  He wants taxpayer-funded abortions,which will make the ratio even higher.  Chuck’s organizations kill more blacks in a week than the KKK ever did, yet Chuck pulls out the KKK references even when race isn’t the topic.

Warning: Be sure to save your comments if you post at Chuck’s site.  He has a history of deleting comments that prove his ignorance, only to then lie about what the comments really said.

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