A servant’s enduring faith – An inspiring story of a pastor in Bulgaria who wouldn’t give in when the leaders tried to eradicate Christianity.  Here’s a snippet.  I encourage you to read it all.  (Note to fellow Christian bloggers — as Marie noted in the comments, Christianity Today had committed to publish her article and it fell through.  I encourage you to post her link to your blogs if you are so inclined!)

In prison, Kulichev distinguished himself among both guards and prisoners. A vegetarian for health reasons, the pastor refused meat on principle. Kulichev unfailingly knelt in his filthy cell to thank God for each meager bread ration. Assigned with two cellmates to work at the prison sink, he insisted that they wash utensils “as if they were going into our own mouths”. Being absolutely consistent, even in matters with no overt spiritual significance, was his way to maintain integrity. Trusting in God and his parishioners’ faithfulness, Kulichev constantly rehearsed Scripture and seized clandestine witnessing opportunities.

. . .

Slaves to Comfort?
Kulichev has traveled widely in the United States, preaching and speaking at conferences. (Several months after interviewing him, I learned from another American that he is proficient in English – a detail he neglected to mention during our time together). While he loves American believers, he is concerned about our tendency to become ‘slaves to our own comfort’. “The freedom in which Christians live is a much bigger temptation than trials,” he said. “A person who has lived in comfort and is used to living without ordeals doesn’t want to lose that way of life. He is prepared to make concessions in his loyalty to God. This mentality goes against what God wants from His flock – obedience and faithfulness, which are not measured in percentages. There is no 50%, 90% or 99% loyalty – a wife would not be pleased if her husband were 50% faithful.”

Here’s a good article on the whole Qu’ran burning debate.  My advice is simple: don’t burn it, just explain why it is wrong and why Christianity is the one true religion.

Even Fidel knows that Communism doesn’t work

Other than imploding Venezuela and frozen in amber North Korea, the USA — known as the Land of Liberty prior to Obama’s “fundamental transformation” — is the only country on earth moving toward the dysfunctional nightmare of communism rather than away from it.

Did you know Ted Kennedy tried — twice — to plot with Soviets against TWO separate US Presidents?

City Council Meetings to Begin with Muslim Prayers


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  1. Neil,

    Thank you for linking to my article! It takes some of the sting out of Christianity Today’s killing it.

    Oh wait…it’s now “indefinitely on hold”. So in other words, the piece was killed. Yet they have the space to run interviews with Christian pop singers who come out as lesbians. (Rolling eyes here.)

    S’ok. I’ll get over it. 🙂 Just need to get me some good chocolate to drown my sorrows. 😉


  2. Marie is an excellent writer. She’s very conscientious and thoughtful and cares deeply about Christians who suffer, especially in Bulgaria. She also has the courage and concern to address unpopular issues such as eating disorders from a Christian perspective and as a Christian counselor. I commend you, Neal, for this kind of support and encouragement offered to a fellow Christian. I can also understand her disappointment that Christianity Today would string her along for so long, only to drop her with some lame excuse. And I have difficulty understanding how someone would disregard such a well-written piece about the price some people in the world have to pay for their faith and then publishing such inane nonsense as you mentioned. Whatever else may be said about the editor(s) of CT, you could not commend them for their theological depth or concern for things that really matter. donkimrey

    From a personal point of view, I know how much it means to have a seasoned “pro” give advice and encouragement to a “newbie.”


  3. It took Fidel a long time to figure that out. My fiance is Cuban and he told him how his family used to own a bus system and numerous businesses. When Castro came into power their whole work and livelihoods were taken away. Castro destroyed millions of people lives. He just needs to go and repent and just stay out of politics all together.


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