The Detroit News Continues Misinformation Campaign Over Stem Cell Research – great points by Stephen.  The media continually – and presumably deliberately – gets it wrong on stem cells.  Adult stem cell research doesn’t kill innocent human beings, so the many findings from them are attributed to generic “stem cell” research.  That way, the embryonic stem cell research (the kind that destroys human beings in the process) gets a halo effect.  That’s just one of many tricks they use to conflate the two and avoid the hard truths: Adult stem cells have resulted in many great findings without destroying human beings, while embryonic stem cells kill humans and have not had success.

Good points by Ray Comfort about a dying atheist (presumably Christopher Hitchens, but they apply to anyone in that situation) – Christianity doesn’t need “trophy converts.”  We’ve got all we need to share the truth of Jesus.  I hope Hitchens and many others have authentic conversions, but not so we can wave it at atheists as some sort of proof point.  The proof is that Jesus rose from the dead.

Turns out the firebomber of Democrat Russ Carnahan’s office was an ex-campaign worker and not a Republican or (gasp!) a Tea Partier.  The guilty party had a history of harassing Tea Party activists.  Anyone care to speculate if the media attention would have been different had the roles been reversed?

James Cameron, Mega-Climate Creationist, Chickens Out On Debate – yep.  What’s new?

Sponge Bob’s Your Uncle! – One more reason to put those “monkeys are X% similar to humans” stories in perspective.
The news is out: sea sponges share almost 70 percent of human genes.

If people want to debate the morality or effectiveness of the Iraq war I can understand that.  But too often numbers are made up on the fly and the is used as a scapegoat for anything.  If you want facts about what the Iraq war really cost (hint: not $3 trillion), read this.  Obama’s stimulus package cost $100 billion more than the whole war.

Aren’t these also the same folks who tell us how well JFK and LBJ ran the economy back in the roaring ’60s? During the eight years of 1961-69, 46% of all federal spending was on national defense. During President Bush’s eight years, defense spending did not even average 20% of federal outlays. Under JFK/LBJ, defense spending was 8%-9% of GDP. Under Bush, it was about 4%.

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  1. I love it every time a global warming advocate backs out of a debate, or refuses to debate. It shows the weakness of their position. I wish we could get it across to the average person that if the advocates will not debate the issue, then something is wrong in their argument.


  2. Timothy,

    I think to be more accurate, backing out shows the weakness of their convictions and a fear of being “out-debated”. Winning a debate does not guarantee that the winner is right, but only that he debates better. While it is true that facts, and a good grasp of them, will generally win out, we can’t assume that a debate will be won or lost if it never happens. Yeah, I agree that Cameron is a boob. And I agree that he is probably wrong about his position (I reject the arguments for man-made global warming while still believing we should keep the environment in mind in all our plans, at least to some degree). I hope that if people like Cameron bail out, it means the argument is crap, but we can’t assume it, though I personally am sure it is.


  3. Since embryonic stem cell research is pushed harder than adult stem cell research one can only conclude that the left’s craven disregard for human life is part and parcel. Pumping up the abortion industry, murdering innocent babies all in the name of “treating life-threatening conditions”. Twisted!
    That is reprehensible. That is evil.

    BTW Neil Thanks for the linkage. 🙂


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