These are the numbers the bottled water industry doesn’t want you to see 

Filtered tap water makes up an increasing share of bottled water – rising from 32.7 percent in 2000 to 47.8 percent in 2009 – as the share of spring-sourced water declines…

"More and more bottled water is basically the same product that flows from consumer taps, subsidized by taxpayer dollars then poured into an environmentally destructive package and sold for thousands of times its actual value" — Wenonah Hauter

My $0.02 is that the best line about bottled water came when the craze began years ago: Evian is naive spelled backwards.

Obamacare worth 17.5K dead women a year? – Sounds like a death panel to me.  If health care is truly a “human right,” then that means someone is obliged to provide it.  So why isn’t the government forcing the culprit to provide it in this case? 

No Homosexuals at Obama’s Ramadan : Why Not?  (hat tip: Mark)

Obama made a great show of having many homosexuals at his “Easter egg roll” rubbing Christians’ noses in what he called a "teachable moment" against "the forces of homophobia and hate."

Easter is Christianity’s major holy day. Why did he not mock and insult Muslims in the same way?

Why did Obama not shove a “teachable moment” into the faces of Muslims?

. . .

This is a deadly double standard by a man who refused to attend the National Day of Prayer breakfast, refused to attend the Boy Scouts of America (because of their policy of protecting boys from potential "gay" predators) and wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He and his wife Michele attended Jeremiah Wright’s hate-filled "church" that promoted overt racism and black liberation theology for years. This is Obama’s sole connection with what the media think is legitimate Christianity.

Why is the media as silent about Obama’s purposeful neglect of the gay, lesbians and transgender community" when it comes to his Muslim holiday celebration as they are about that fact that the California city of Bell’s entire corruption scandal was 100% Democrat?

Randy Alcorn on Young Prolife Evangelicals and Abortion – lots of bad thinking out there, and it isn’t just the theological Liberals.

I’ve had Christians quote to me Planned Parenthood’s slogan, “Every child a wanted child”, saying it’s not right to bring children into the world who are not wanted. People can actually try to take the moral high ground as they advocate the killing of children.

I was in a debate with a Planned Parenthood person one time. I said, “Okay, your slogan is ‘Every child a wanted child.’ But how do you finish that statement?”

They said, “How do you mean finish that sentence?”

I said, “I believe every child a wanted child. So I say, let’s learn to want children more, and let’s get children in homes where people want them—like the millions of people who are lined up to adopt little children and can’t get them, because not enough are available, when in fact many of them are being killed. But how do you finish it? What you are saying is every child a wanted child, so let’s identify unwanted children and kill them before they are born.”

The nice little bumper sticker that says, “Every child a wanted child” really means, “Every unwanted child a deadchild.” Obviously that doesn’t look good on a bumper sticker, and nobody actually has a sticker that says that. But that is really what it means.

Hey, I agree with Harry Reid on something! Watch the video – it is less than a minute.  I suppose he must be a racist bigot etc. etc. etc. – or whatever the open borders crowd calls anyone who disagrees with them these days.  Has Reid recanted these awful views?  If not, why aren’t they demanding that he do so now?


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  1. Re: bottled water – I don’t drink it a lot, when I do, I typically buy the cheapest available. I’ve found that football and baseball stadiums will let you bring in un-opened bottles of water, but nothing else.

    Re: Every child a wanted child. New case here in SC, where a woman didn’t want her children, so she got rid of them. Trouble is, it was after they were 2 & 4. So sad. I’m not sure what the answer is, part of me wants to make sure every one has a place to go so they can “turn in” the unwanted children. But then what of the cost? Shouldn’t the parent be responsible? So many questions, so few answers.


    1. We go through a fair amount of bottled water out of convenience (the girls’ dance studio didn’t have a fountain) and they are handy if you need to take them in the car.

      Re. wanted children: Lots of possibilities on fixing the root causes of lousy parenting, of course, with no hope to ever fix it completely. I do have one answer, though: Don’t permit the legal destruction of innocent human beings, ever (except to save the life of the mother, which is very rare).


  2. Neil,

    I’m getting really tired of the double standard by the president against Christianity in favor of Islam.

    I went to the aptly named “ElvisNixon” website and read the original.

    Very good questions indeed. No one in mainstream media will ever touch that question. They don’t see it as a problem, either.

    After all, Muslims are MUCH more homophobic than Christians, to the point of execution!

    So, I guess it is up to folks like us to carry on and shout these questions aloud.

    In fact, I directed a tweet at @whitehouse asking that question. I’m sure I won’t hear back, but I’ll probably get an IRS audit or put on some domestic terrorist list.


    1. Hi Rick — excellent points, thanks! The amount of denial of the Left on Islam is staggering. They take the “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” bit waaaaay too far and assume that since Islam opposes authentic Christianity then it must be a swell enterprise.


  3. Re: wanted children. Seems to me that the real problem is selfish sexual gratification. I’ve gotten howls of derision over my position that all sex is selfishness, even that which occurs within the ideal Christian marriage. This is not to say that within such a marriage it is wrong to indulge in that selfishness, because I don’t believe it is wrong. But, the point of the statement is that it explains so much that ails our culture as regards disease, divorce, abuse and of course, child endangerment of all varieties.

    Strictly put, an unwanted child is any child that is a product of intercourse in which the intent was not to produce offspring. A couple may do the right thing, indeed might actually feel blessed to find a child is on the way, but the child wasn’t wanted when the act was committed, because the thought at the time was only upon the pleasure the couple would derive through the process.

    The point here is not really whether or not every incident of intercourse between a husband and wife is soley intended for procreation, but that procreation is so often, too often in fact, not in the least bit considered a possibility when intercourse occurs.

    The reality is that when the woman is pregnant, it is already too late to think about wanting the child. Now, it’s a case of being mature and adult and doing the right thing by the child who had no part in its own creation. At that point, the parents damned well better want the child because they engaged in the very activity meant to bring one into existence. How dare anyone not take it more seriously?


  4. I went on an anti-bottled water rant the other day. It’s horrible for the environment (which is why it cracks me up to see these Prius-driving yuppies drinking it): the packaging, disposal, and transport is about as environmentally-inefficient as you could imagine. Furthermore… it’s WATER. Water, people.

    Now, I can understand bottled water when you are out and don’t want to drink soda (water is healthier). Or when your tap water is not fit to drink (like in places with munitions in the soil). But the vast majority of tap water is fine to drink, and, if it isn’t, there are water filters available.

    I always laugh at how liberals tip their hand when they support Islam. Without a consistent worldview, they invariably end up with some evil contradictions.

    Speaking of which, people on the Left are the masters of deeply emotional rhetoric. “Every child a wanted child” implies that if that “blob of cells” is allowed to become a child, then it will be abused, neglected, and won’t go to Harvard. The problem is the means chosen to accomplish that – not the welcoming hearts of every parent, but by killing babies.

    Also, this is a good time to remember that the child already exists, so its wantedness is a moot point. 🙂


    1. “Also, this is a good time to remember that the child already exists, so its wantedness is a moot point. :)”

      Great point among many — their hypotheticals always assume there isn’t a human being already in existence. Their arguments might support birth control but not abortion.


      1. Those arguments actually really support chastity. I find it hard to care whether or not people use birth control in a marriage, so long as they understand that they could have a baby, but chastity of teenagers is a social issue.


  5. Final thought: I have a few email addresses for you, Neil, and I’m not sure which one to use… would you mind dropping me an email at the address that you normally email me at? 🙂


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