Yeah, I think this pretty much sums it up for us accounting / finance types:


The Real Reason For Lefty Malaise – great explanation by Rich Karlgaard of Forbes about why Leftist ideas look swell in college classrooms but fail in the real world.

Pandering to Hispanics — L.A./Chicago Boycott Arizona… Unless There’s Money to be Made on red light cameras.  You can always tell how deep principles run when people hold them tightly — provided it costs them absolutely nothing.

Supreme Court: Public schools can deny funding to Christian student groups that bar gays — a horrible decision that only passed when they tweaked it to say that groups can’t exclude anyone.  But what will they do if hundreds of Christians join the Muslim group and change its leaders and by-laws to say that Jesus is the only way and Mohammad was a false prophet?  Make up your own examples!

More inconsistencies — We’re Here, We’re Queer and We’re in Abject Denial — gay groups support Palestine, even though the Palestinians would kill them all if they had a parade there while Israel would not.

Israel. The only place in the Middle East where one can be gay in public, without fear of being jailed, tortured or killed. The useful idiots aligning with Palestine don’t even realize that Hamas, a terrorist organization intent on “wiping Israel off the map,” is also oppressing some of its own people, particularly women and homosexuals. But, see, this doesn’t matter to them. Hamas is anti-Israel and anti-America. This is all that matters. Because George Bush. And evil capitalist America. They are willing to turn a blind eye to true oppression and homophobia so rampant that it results in bloodshed and death, as long as it fits with their preferred global agenda.

Hillary: Let the babies starve until we fund abortions – they love expanding abortions so much that they’ll hold food and medicine for babies as a result.  You can really feel the love, eh?

Besides, Hillary’s statement is nothing short of idiotic.  Maternal health does not depend on abortion.  In fact, abortion is a rather moot point when it comes to the stage of worrying about the health of mothers of newborn infants, isn’t it?

Darwin Meets Orwell – call this one, “Thanks for the concession speech, Mr. Naturalist!”  We’ve said for some time that naturalism can’t ground morality and this “expert” fully concedes the point.  His logic and conclusions are muddy, but the net of it is great to hear.  Yes, yes, we agree!  If your worldview is true then people can’t be held accountable!

Glenn’s last piece on his Catholic series, Catholic Iconography and the “Saints.” Nice summary.  I know many Catholics who, based on what they profess to believe, would be in the “true Christian” category.  They either weren’t taught or don’t believe the false doctrines from Rome and they do believe the essentials.  But that doesn’t mean I’d point people there.  The Reformation happened for many good reasons.

. . . These are the heavy burdens of legalism placed upon the members of the Roman Catholic Church, which result in the Roman Catholic Church being a cultic organization, in which the majority of its members are not true Christians (as testimony after testimony of ex-members attest).

How do we then witness to Catholics? The best way is to show them that salvation is a one-time thing and that it is not as a result of works. Point them to Christ, and not to Mary, for salvation. And that everything their leaders say should be passed through the grid of Scripture.

As noted on my Facebook page, my backup dog chewed through the mesh and inside of my suitcase to get to some candy stored in the front compartment.  She ate the Mikes AND the Ikes.  This is a re-enactment; she ran away when I was coming down the hall the first time.  She has lost a lot of teeth but still managed to chew through the fabric.


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0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. So, is she your backup dog because she backs up all of the machines in your house or because you have a primary dog and she’s just there in case the primary fails? (Us IT people may not be superheroes, but we have enquiring minds)


    1. I think I stole the “backup” bit from Dave Barry — he would joke about a smaller, backup dog (or auxiliary dog?) or something like that. She’s the 2nd dog and even slower mentally than the first. We love her dearly and it is hard to stay mad at her. But she is part goldfish and will eat herself into oblivion and is shameless when in trouble.


  2. I feel compelled to comment on the free will issue. But what if I break the free-will illusion and destroy society. I will kick my heels together 3 times and say “I am not compelled”.

    Still, that was a “peer reviewed” article so it must be true. Alas the truth is out and we are doomed.

    I just realized I am coming to doubt the words of a great philosopher (“Pogo) who once said “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

    The fact is “we have seen the enemy and he says he is us.”; but I don’t think he is telling us the truth.

    Peer review welcomed, but I don’t know if Pogo has any peers.


  3. Re “we’re queer[…]”

    But, see, this doesn’t matter to them. Hamas is anti-Israel and anti-America

    I have a different take, Hamas is anti-Christ and so therefore is Anti the one true God. I honestly think that this is the point at which all these kinds of hatreds hinge, especially since, as the excerpt pointed out, America and Israel are both on track to embracing all their beloved sexual deviances. I think the hatred is rather based on thier hatred for God and would linger until there is no vestige of Jehovah left, if that were possible. Unfortunately for the Jews, this would mean their very existence. Too bad they are not taking the history of their namesake seriously, but as one of their wise men once said, “There is nothing new under the sun”.


    1. Dan, I think you are on to something. This may be one of the most outrageous displays of their hatred for God: Their “my enemy’s [God] enemy [Hamas] is my friend” philosophy leads them to side with a group that would like to annihilate them as well. That is some serious hatred of God.


  4. Hollywood is another group that should be all worried about Islam. Those movie days and glamourous life style will end…


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