False teacher is pro-abortion, anti-self defense

See A (fake) Christian Response To McDonald v. Chicago: God Not Guns.

Abortion kills about 4,000 innocent human beings a day in the most grisly fashion.  Leave it to a fake Christian to support that practice while opposing people’s right to self defense.

They prattle on about reducing violence but support the ultimate violence: crushing and dismembering innocent human beings.

And they are senseless and naive as well, as if the criminals will give up guns when the law-abiding people do.

4 thoughts on “False teacher is pro-abortion, anti-self defense”

    1. I find it funny that these types believe that the constitution is the end all, be all, until it’s an issue they don’t agree with. And like you said, they have no problem with killing babies in the name of convenience, but find issue with Americans protecting themselves.

      I find this article from Chuck regarding the health care bill and abortion, mainly the comments. Apparently, UCC members don’t appreciate Chuck talking on their behalf.



      1. Thanks for the link, Jeff! I’ll be blogging on that shortly. I’ve pointed out many times how these pro-aborts wanted taxpayer-funded abortions more than they wanted the health care bill. That link is a perfect example.


      2. From the link:

        Today religious leaders spoke out for a women’s right to make her own health care choices. Check out the press release from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice :

        The RCRC is one of the most spectacularly evil organizations on the planet, using the name of God 24×7 to push for unrestricted abortion.

        Note how in the first sentence Chuck commits a foundational fallacy of pro-abortionists: Ignoring the scientific fact that it kills an innocent human being. He says that abortion is a “health care choice,” but what about the choice for the unborn? Doesn’t she get a say about her health care?

        And the RCRC’s name is a fallacy as well, ignoring the choice of the unborn.

        The comment section was great. How interesting that Chuck makes it a habit to speak for the UCC and others called him on it! That is one of his usual tricks, acting as if he is representing the vast majority of Christians.


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