Truth vs. fiction on the budget deficits

Despite the “Blame Bush first” mantra of this administration, the truth about the deficit spending is pretty easy to see.

To start, one should realize that the President does not make the budget — though he can influence it, as Obama has certainly done with the stimulus package and other horrific economic policies.

Congress makes the budgets, and then-Senator Obama was a part of that for 2008 and 2009 (technically the 2007 budget was the last of the Republican plans).  Note how the deficits, while high, were being reduced each year.

From 2008 on it is all Democrat, all the time.  And those figures should frighten people.  It is a quick way to destroy the country, because those are obviously unsustainable.  They will kill jobs, which will reduce the tax receipts even more and make these projections even worse when they play out.

We need to spend less, starting now.   This is what happens when you have inexperienced people in charge who have no concept of basic economic principles.

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  1. I’ve seen this graph before. I recall how people screamed about what Bush did. But even if we were to concede that he indeed was totally responsible for the dips during his admin, it pales when compared to the messiah’s turn.


  2. Fiscal year 09 (September 2008 – August 2009) – this was Bush’s last budget not Obama. How the right likes to color the truth. Oh ya and who’s Budget were the 00 and 01 Budgets – The ones with surpluses? Oh ya Clinton. So it look’s like Obama has reduced Bush’s deficit by $400 billion in just one year. Good job. Also Obama put the War budgets onto the Budget.


    1. Clinton had the benefit of the Internet bubble and Bush got the burst part. That makes the comparisons doubly bad for Bush. The difference was that Bush didn’t cry about it like Obama is doing. Obama can cut spending any time.

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    2. And the budgets weren’t solely Clinton’s. He should send regular thank-you’s to the Republican Congressmen who stopped him from doing so many destructive things to the economy. He takes credit in his faux legacy.

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      1. I agree that budget deficits are a major problem in this country and the record deficits we have now can not be sustained for long, but to remind everyone why we have $11 trillion dollors in debt just look at the legacy of the last 30 years. When Reagan was sworn in we had only $900 Billion in debt and when he left office it was $4.1 Trillion. Over $8 trillion in deficts are the legacy of Republican Presidents, In Good Economic times and Bad they just kept spending and spending. The only President that reversed that trend was Clinton and yes he did work WITH the Repubican Congress. But remember the President submits the budgets and signs the final bills. The deficit of 2009 was Bush’s budget not Obama’s. and as your chart shows Obama has decraesed that this year by $400 Billion. If Bush had not sqandered the surplusses that were left him by Clinton we would be much better prepared to deal with the economic downturn that he left for Obama to clean up.


      2. You are continuing to ignore the facts. The 90’s Republican Congress surplus was partially artificial due to the Internet bubble. It didn’t have 9/11, Enron and the recession.

        Clinton worked “with” the Republican congress? Heh.

        Democrats should not be trusted with economic decisions — .

        Again, just look at the chart. Obama’s deficits make Bush’s look like rounding errors.


      3. You are the one Ignoring the history of 9 trillon dollars of republican deficits and the Interst cost to pay for them. And you are ignoring the fact that the largest deficit on that chart was George Bush’s legacy budget that was left for Obama.


  3. This was copied from “related posts” under the chart you posted. You seam to only see one side of the story

    For example, the Recovery Act and related economic-recovery measures will add $1.1 trillion in deficits over the 2009-2019 period (including increased interest payments on the national debt). But most of that cost will occur in 2009-2011 — just when the economy is weakest. Running large deficits when the economy is weak is the right policy.

    In contrast, key policies enacted in the Bush Administration will continue to harm the budget outlook throughout the next decade. For instance, the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will account for nearly $7 trillion in deficits in 2009-2019.


    1. Just look at the graph. It tells the whole story. And once again, 2008/9 = Democratic congress — which included Obama. Anyone not in denial can see it.

      Also, does anyone really think Obama’s deficits won’t be worse? Entitlement plans have historically run 200% to 1700% over the initial estimates. Letting Liberals control money is like hiring pedophiles to babysit.

      Obama’s policies will ensure that tax revenues are even lower. He’ll put more and more people out of work so they’ll be more demand for services and less people paying taxes. Just consider his pathetic leadership with the oil spill made by one of his big donors. While trying his best to ignore the situation, he did one tangible thing: Put a moratorium on new drilling that just cost more people jobs. Shameful.

      Running large deficits when the economy is weak is the right policy.

      That may be directionally correct but of course it isn’t a blank check and where you spend the money counts. Obama is giving it to unions, more bailouts, and other cronies. That will exacerbate the problem.


  4. Let’s look at the job creation legacy of Bush, The worst of the last 40 years. Even Carter had twice the job creation in 4 years then Bush did in 8, Clinton 8 times as many jobs created as Bush in the same time. I think the Republican track record on job creation talks for itself. Obama is already on track to create more jobs in two years then bush did in his last 4. All Bush did is put us into a un-nessesary war that cost over 1 Trillion dollars and take his eye off of the real enemy.


    1. Rick, take it over to your Facebook page. Clinton did nothing — it was the Republican Congress that stopped him from doing all his idiotic plans and he benefited from Reagan and Bush I.

      Obama is creating government jobs, which will ultimately make things worse.

      The real enemy = socialist Liberals.


  5. Eternity Matters, where debate is not wanted only the dogma of the right. If you were the least bit Honest you would give Clinton some credit for what he did for the economy and the budget while President but that does not match your agenda. And you would admit that Bush created the mess that he left Obama with. You may not agree with the agenda of the social liberals, and I respect your right to that opion, and the right will have a chance to change that at the polls in 2012 and 2016. Until then the will of the people was that they did not want the Republicans to continue the rape of the economy, and of the bill of rights that occured under Bush and Cheany.


    1. Eternity matters, but so does the present, which is why I have limited patience with Liberals butchering basic economic and governmental principles.

      I am honest, and I gave Clinton credit for not implementing his ideas.

      Until then the will of the people was that they did not want the Republicans to continue the rape of the economy, and of the bill of rights that occurred under Bush and Cheany.

      Bush and Cheney weren’t running in 2008. Nice try, though.

      Too many people in the middle believed Obama’s lies. We tried to tell them. He promised to close Gitmo first thing. Hey, how’s that going? (that’s rhetorical)

      And if any Liberal was serious about the alleged Bill of Rights issues, they should be going INSANE over what Obama is doing. But they aren’t, which shows they don’t care about the Constitution at all, just getting their agenda across. Remember, these are the freaks who think the Constitution says you have a right to stick a fork in a baby’s head and suck out her brains. And for Obama, he thinks it grants the rights to let the baby die outside the womb if you have a “failed” abortion (you know, the kind where the child survives).

      And the largest theft in history, stealing GM and giving it to the unions. No problems for the Libs there, either.

      And those big, bad Republican oil companies — you know, the ones that gave so much money to Obama . . .

      And on and on. Again, just put it on your FB so I can not read it there.


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