Fakes at both ends of the spectrum

See The Face Of Hate by false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie, who is pro-legalized abortion and wants taxpayer funded abortions but mentions Jesus’ concern for the “least of these” in many of his posts.

Chuck boo-hoo’s about alleged hate speech at the GLBTQ rally he took his wife and daughters to and that he preached in support of.  Chuck ought to do a Bible search on “millstone” and note that God doesn’t take kindly to those who destroy the innocence of children.

Now it is possible that the alleged haters were Fred Phelps-types, who, like Chuck, do the opposite of what Jesus did — only  a different kind of opposite, if you know what I mean.  Chuck teaches the opposite of Jesus’ divinity, exclusivity, judgment, etc. and the Phelps-types teach the opposite of Jesus’ love and mercy.

Of course one can’t trust Chuck’s characterization of any issue given his track record as a liar and libeler, so maybe those protesters were just photographed at awkward times.  The sandwich board says “Fear God and obey him.”  Nothing wrong with that, unless you are a false teacher.

But even if they were Phelps-types and in the wrong, Chuck errs by assuming that he must then be right.  But there would have just been two fakes  being fake for different reasons, but both doing the work of Satan.

Chuck plays the Nazi card, as usual (I think it is in his blog template):

groups like Focus on the Family seek to foster such hate by dehumanizing gays and lesbians (and even political liberals and religious progressives) in much the same way that the Nazi Party did to Jews or Christians once did to Africans and Native Americans.

Yeah, Dobson and Phelps hang out all the time.

Seems to me that stifling free speech, as Chuck wants to do, would be the more apt Nazi comparison.

Oh, and it was Christians who ended the slave trade.

Our Christian faith can be perverted into something terrible.

Yep, some false teachers will say that God approves of sexual perversions, that the Bible can’t be trusted, that Jesus isn’t God, that other religions are equally valid paths to God, that Jesus approves of crushing and dismembering innocent human beings (i.e., abortion) and so much more — just like Chuck and many of my Super Fan fakes!  And that is truly terrible.

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