False teacher wants to force his false beliefs on others

See: “The faith community and public schools need to partner to help homeless students”.

Of course everyone opposes homelessness.  The rational approach would be to examine the root causes (primarily broken families) and work to address those while helping those in need in the mean time.

But what does false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie propose?  Some sound bites about the “faith community” partnering with schools.  Unfortunately, other than the usual blather he offered no concrete ideas.

For starters, he never demonstrated why we should listen to him.  Let’s look at some facts about Chuck’s professional religious experience:

  • Very Liberal “reverend”
  • Very Liberal denomination
  • Very Liberal city and state
  • Failed church

Hmmmm . . . see anything wrong with that?  How can orthodox pastors like Mark Driscoll preach long, “boring” (in the traditional, secular sense) verse-by-verse sermons in Liberal places like Seattle and grow their church attendance dramatically, while people like Chuck have every demographic in their favor yet produce an epic FAIL?  Must be those UCC ejector seats!  What is it that qualifies Chuck as an expert here?

Back to the article . . .

The aim of this unprecedented gathering — which will bring together Christians, Jews, Muslims, government officials from the state of Oregon, and educators and families from across the state — will be to develop advocacy plans for supporting students who are homeless and for reducing family and childhood homelessness in Oregon.

And why is this “Christian” reverend partnering with Muslims and other religions?  Has he deleted the “unequally yoked” teaching from his Bible as he did with those 100 politically incorrect passages teaching that Jesus is the only way to salvation?

In short, our schools need more funding, and more resources are needed to provide affordable housing and other supportive services.

Oh, they just need more money.  Shocking!  But wait — since Chuck insists that he has the whole “faith community” behind him, wouldn’t it set a great example if they ponied up some dough first?  If they are such a majority and so well aligned, they could fund most of the “needs” themselves.  Why all the extra work and bantering just to approve taxes to force those non-faith community types to take part?

I oppose homelessness, of course.  I just take a different approach, supporting my local church (which does much to help in this area) as well as directly supporting the Star of Hope mission (among other things).

And, unlike the average Liberal, I understand basic economic principles and support policies that don’t destroy jobs.

And I oppose Planned Parenthood-style sex education which increases the likeliness of homelessness.

The economic policies of the last decade created an explosion in poverty and homelessness after modest decreases in the levels of poverty in the 1990s.

Always be sure to remind everyone that it was Bush’s fault!  He fought the restrictions against Fannie and Freddie . . . oh, wait, that was the Democrats.  And the insane spending levels of Obama make Bush look like a tightwad.

Because without additional resources we will fail an entire generation of those Jesus would have called the “least of these.”

It wouldn’t be a Chuck Currie piece with abusing that verse.  Again, Chuck is pro-legalized abortion, a procedure which literally destroys 4,000 of the “least of these” per day.  He thinks Jesus supports abortion, so presumably Chuck thinks that Jesus viewed the unborn as even lesser than the “least of these.”

P.S. And where is the ACLU when you need them?  Shouldn’t they be hyperventilating over this intrusion of religion into schools and politics?  Oh, right, that is just the facade they use to silence the opposition.  They do and say nothing when they agree with the political agenda and they know this is just politics disguised as religion.

5 thoughts on “False teacher wants to force his false beliefs on others”

  1. I know I should just ignore you but the irony is to rich. The Goose Hollow Family Shelter, the program that I started here in Portland, received no tax-payer money when I was the director. You mention your support for a program called Star of Hope Mission. Their website reads: “We are funded through public and private donations….” In other words, your program is supported by tax dollars. That’s ok. I’m in favor of public resources being spent on issues related to housing and homelessness. However, you’re not, right? Perhaps you should led a protest against this mission. Or perhaps a protest against your own United Methodist Church is in order. After all, the UMC strongly advocates for public funding on issues related to poverty.


    1. I’m so glad you are a loyal reader. Unfortunately, you missed the point and the real irony: Why would anyone consider you to be a credible source on politics or religion? You aren’t just a false teacher, you’re an ineffective false teacher.

      Good for you for starting a shelter run by donations (seriously, I’ll give credit where it is due).


    1. Send him a thank-you for taking my money at the point of a gun and then taking 20% off the top for bureaucratic inefficiencies, then doling it out to his political payoffs, leaving a trickle for this ministry? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

      Remember, I’m part of the American people — the part that pays most of the taxes. I prefer to give direct.

      If he’d stop running insane deficits that my great-grandchildren will be paying off and just let us keep our money and let us fund even more for charities, then I’d send a thank-you.

      Again, how about if you and your other fake Christian and real Muslim buddies pool your funds and show us how generous you are with your money? That would set a great example. And since you claim such a vast, vast majority of the “faith community” you won’t need to take the rest by force.


    2. P.S. You get bonus points for explaining why I should take anything you say seriously since I know what a liar you are. Just sayin’.


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