What did you learn from the sermon today?

We went to my youngest daughter’s church since it was Mother’s day.  A lay person gave a great message on reading the Bible, using various passages but mainly the one below.  I thought I would share it here and ask what the rest of you picked up from your church services.

1 Peter 2:1–3 (ESV) So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.

He pointed out how often God teaches us to remove something first before we are filled with something else, so we’re told to put away various evil things.

The key point to me was how he explained that the passage doesn’t just say, “read the Bible more,” it says that we should want to read it more.  We aren’t just commanded to seek the truth but to long for it.

This is my $0.02: Sometimes we don’t want to do what we know is right.  We need to want to want to do something (the double “want to” wasn’t a redundancy, it was deliberate).  For example, if you don’t have a desire to read the Bible, pray that God would give it to you.

He also pointed out how “Lord” follows “taste” as a deliberate shift from “milk.”  God reveals himself to us in his word and teaches us that it represents him.  We should long for spiritual truths and long for the Lord.  (More $0.02: We don’t worship the Bible as “bibliolators” as some Liberal theologians like to charge us as doing; we accept the word of God for what God claimed it to be.)


So what did you pick up from the sermon you listened to today?  Writing it down will help you remember it and share it with others. (Pastor Timothy, this is a softball question for you since you gave the sermon!)

0 thoughts on “What did you learn from the sermon today?”

  1. I used the milk analogy in my lesson today as we looked at Moses’ story. The main theme of the lesson was to be courageous like Moses …not just courage as in “I like to try crazy things” but – courageous to do God’s work.

    I made the point that God’s work is hard but if we take it in baby steps – we can build our confidence. We can start like Moses – saying no and asking questions and little by little achieve greater things for God.


  2. Our message was about moms, but somehow this dad learned a message; Job 1:4 says that Job’s kids would occasionally have a party and then Job 1:5 says that Job would give a sacrifice to God saying that perhaps they had sinned. It hit me that I should pray for my kids – and ask for their forgiveness.

    Doesn’t take away from their responsibility to ask for forgiveness and certainly doesn’t give them the right to go out and sin. But I have a responsibility to pray for them.

    Their was also a discussion that, as the father, I have a role of a priest to them.

    Very humbling verse.


  3. Yesterday (Sunday for me) our pastor preached about Accountability (Part 4 in our sermon series “Under Construction”) and used Proverbs 31 for his text. He challenged husbands to allow their wives to be God’s instruments to hold them accountable. He challenged everyone to find accountability partners or groups if anyone did not already have them. And whether a woman is a mother or not; true beauty comes from fearing the Lord (Proverbs 31:30).


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