Hillbuzz on Ann Coulter: Priceless.  We live in strange times.  Here are some tidbits.

Now, for just a moment, appreciate the Bizarroworld we currently live in:

(1) We are gay guys in Boystown who, until 2008, detested Ann Coulter

(2) We are now reading Ann Coulter

(3) We agree with every damn word Ann Coulter says

(4) Sometimes, we think we’ve actually moved to the right of Ann Coulter

We’re still the same guys we always were, except that our eyes opened to the lies the DNC always sold us about Republicans and conservatives in general.

If the DNC has permanently alienated guys like us — who never in their lives thought they’d be reading and agreeing with Ann Coulter — then the Democrat Party is as good as Whig already.

The current Socialist-Democrat party has no moderates.  It is 100% lefty, baby.  And its PC-policies towards Muslims — those misunderstood murdering Care Bears — are going to get an awful lot of people killed, once the Religion of Peace stops sending its B-team to blow things up and dispatches operatives who know how to work clocks and who can successfully light their underoos and diapers on fire.

We now love Coulter so much, she just might make us straight.

David fired up his blog again — great stuff, especially for someone who just finished his first year of college!

I used to think that a triple-X domain for p*rn would help with that awful problem provided that it got it off the .com domain, as it would make it easier to filter bad sites.  But the efforts to make that happen go the wrong direction.  Too bad our gutless, paid-off politicians of both parties do nothing to enforce existing laws (kinda like the border situation).

Half of abortions done to foster care girls are by a judge’s order — Truly twisted.  Abortion is the opposite of justice.

Obama [Administration] Removed Faisal Shahzad From Terror Surveillance List Before Attack

Sources tell CBS News that would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad appeared on a Department of Homeland Security travel lookout list – Traveler Enforcement Compliance System (TECS) –between 1999 and 2008 because he brought approximately $80,000 cash or cash instruments into the United States.

. . .

The person who killed 14 people at Ft Hood last fall was one such suspect whose JTTF investigation was suspiciously shut down around this time last year.

Our luck may run out soon . . .

Iran Gains Seat on UN Commission on the Status of Women. Obama Administration Silent — Fox, meet henhouse.  Why no complaints from the major feminist groups?  Is this another one of those Clinton-style things where as long as someone is pro-abortion the “feminists” will never criticize him?

At least 32 African-American Republicans running for Congress this year — Oops, someone forgot to tell them we’re racists.  Seriously, I hope the scales start tipping and more blacks realize that the Democrats have done nothing but hold them down for many decades.  Liberals are all for the “choices” that result in black abortion rates being three times as high as whites, but opposed to school choice that would help more blacks succeed.  That’s just one example of many.   Need more?  Go visit Detroit, the petri dish of Liberal politics, education and unions.

Excellent points by Pastor Timothy on Franklin Graham’s dis-invitation to the Pentagon.  I’m with Timothy on the National Day of Prayer (“meh”) but isn’t it sort of a “duh” statement for a Christian minister to think Islam is false?  If he thought Islam was true, wouldn’t he become a Muslim?  Are the Imams required to say Christianity is true?

Jesus and losers — excellent parenting advice

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

    1. Yep. Pastor Timothy just did a post about them — and my links to them — .

      I left this comment:

      Thanks for the link. I did a double take when I saw the title, wondering who wrote it and where it was going!

      One of my blog-stalkers (the first guy banned from commenting at my site — long story) left a comment asking if I had changed my mind about homosexual behavior being sinful because I had linked to Hillbuzz. I just deleted it from the sp*m filter because I don’t like to encourage him (he claims to be Christian but, oddly enough, his posts lead most to believe that he’s an atheist).

      But perhaps I should have responded by noting that of course I still consider the behavior to be sinful. God’s word is clear and hasn’t changed. But his comment was typical of the bigoted, stereotypical reactions of the Left. They assume that just because we teach what God says that we can’t see the humanity and value of others and that we couldn’t be friends with “sinners” (as if any of us aren’t sinners!). People like him are trapped in stereotype-land.

      The Left, in general, treats gays as just another group to use, or to appease (the real homophobes are those so scared of the gay lobby that they deny common sense and God to appease them and destroy the innocence of children). The Right, in general, treats them like real people.


      1. No, his initials are E.D. I know DT and you are right — he’s the “The Bible is the word of God! Except the parts that I say are not!” kind of theological Liberal.


  1. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the link…

    I think it’s great that these guys have seen the light concerning the Dems and conservatives and Ann Coulter. It shows they have the discernment to see through what the Lefties have been doing all along to gain power and destroy this country… can you say Greece anyone?


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